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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

can't give up. can't pass out.

stillsostrange and I survived her pilgrimage to Lovecraft's grave today (if you have never driven in Providence, trust me, it's an experience.) and ate ice cream on the way home.

The cat may have forgiven me.

My second column is up at Subterranean. This one is about why editors reject you.


Providence is a hole, from my experience. Driving there is dicey. It creeps me out. Which, when you read Lovecraft, makes total sense!

And, I thought editors rejected you because you're a loser and you can't be in their club? No? Damn, I was misinformed.
Sorry, I made a very poor choice of words. Hole is a terrible word to describe PRovidence. I apologize to Rhode Island and the people of Providence.

My experience of the city is in the neighborhood around AS220, which is a bit dicey. Mark E. Smith of The Fall also found Providence weird. Whatever. I did however find the driving troubling.

I will spend the rest of the evening reading the article and trying to keep my fooot out of my mouth.
Wonderful article. I suspected as much, but it's very nice to see it confirmed. :)
Great column over at SubPress. I've been lurking here for awhile, but your previous mention of an unhealthy obsession for Quincy sold me. I've never met anyone else close to my age that REMEMBERED Quincy, never mind loved the show. I previously only suspected it, but now I know - You are one kick-ass bear. Back to lurkdom, now.

PS - love your books too!
Thank you!

Hey, wow, I grew up on Quincy. How could you not love it?
... Masturbating vampires.

Why, Bear, why? *stumbles off in search of brain bleach* X(
Really helpful article, thank you!
Drive in Providence? You are braver people than I. But I do believe that at some point, most people should undertake the pilgrimage to Swan Point Cemetery to pay their respects.

(still giggling over masturbating vampires)
My favorite set of Providence driving directions began, "go down to where Suicide Circle used to be ...".

Swan Point always was a good cemetery for taking walks in. Visiting Lovecraft's grave was one of the few "traditional" things while I was at Brown.
Great column!
Great article...I guess I might need one of those masturbating vampires :D
Masturbating vampires? Egads, woman! I'm so glad I no longer slush. I can't imagine what the rest of them are going to say to you when that batch, er, comes in.

(Hey, it's me. You know I had to go there.)
Icon love (footloose and fancy-free).

Also, laughed out loud at the end of your column. I think that mental image may stain, but I don't mind.
That's two for two winner SubPress columns, if I may say so.

And that's actually some of the most encouraging writing advice I've seen in a while. Not that "be entertaining" makes it all easier or anything, but it keeps the whole process in perspective a lot better than the endless rounds of what words or plots or POVs you shouldn't use.
I love your icon. It sounds like a Hal Duncan quote.

And yes, the advice is, don't suck.
Thank you! It's actually a quote from my painter stepdad, who talks like that more or less all the time. (I come from a whole clan of unstable creative types, both by blood and marriage. This line has now become a sort of family mantra.)
Yummy column on the reading of slush, thank you.

Back to the last of the references and URL checking on this client's dissertation, now...
Ah, I finally read the article while lesteining to Louis Prima. Makes total sense.


Makes me think I have many more million words of slush to write before I become published.

Now, is it bad that every one of the chapters of every one of my stories begins with a masturbating vampire? Some would say it's a crutch, but I really think it's a plot device!

Scalzi wrote that thing a while back about getting things moving with an explosion, which he copied from Hammett (paraphrased, I should say). My take on that is have the main character get blind drunk and wake up somewhere unfamiliar.

Okay, so it's also how I get my day started. Is that wrong?
I have driven in Providence, and lived. But it was on a Sunday, and I suspect that doesn't really count.
It's getting out again that's skeeriest.
It must have been beginner's luck.