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In case you thought I only got it from the cat....

stillsostrange: I want pie.
matociquala: Alas! There is no pie. I could make you toast.
stillsostrange: That is not pie.
matociquala: If I put jam on it it would be like pie.
stillsostrange: ...
stillsostrange: Pie.
matociquala: We could go to Denny's.
stillsostrange: Mmm. Denny's.
matociquala: Then we would be in an urban fantasy novel. But Denny's means car.
stillsostrange: Boo, far.
matociquala: We have nutrigrain bars. Those are like pie.
stillsostrange: Are those the nutrigrain bars I left here when I visited last August?
matociquala: Er. Yes?
stillsostrange: Gimme.

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