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eating fried chicken with his regicidal friends

Review roundup!

Free SF has... well, not exactly reviews, more summaries, of the stuff I have online, here.

jasminehammer was confused by the naming conventions in Carnival.

(A quick field guide for the likewise confused: it's one of the ways you can tell the POVs apart: Michelangelo refers to himself by surname except when something gets through his shell, in the grand tradition of spy novel protagonists. (It's kind of clunky when you don't have a nice tidy name like Bond to work with, isn't it?) Vincent calls him Angelo. Lesa starts off calling them both by last name, and eventually switches, and both of them eventually stop calling her Miss Pretoria and start calling her Lesa. Like you would if you got to know somebody pretty well.)

rivka more or less liked The Chains That You Refuse and really liked Blood & Iron. YAY!

mjlayman liked Carnival.

Audrey thinks that Carnival is not nearly as cheesy as the summary would tend to make it sound.

tacithydra on Hammered, long with spoilers.

aaaaaaand the real prize: Don D'Ammassa with the official first-up review of Whiskey & Water!

Internet slapfights!

leahbobet on the reaction to the reaction to the chicklessness of the Hugo ballots.

buymeaclue on same.

All right. Time to get a bottle of wine, a Jeremy Brett DVD, and get my taxes done.
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