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Criminal Minds 2x20, "Honor Among Thieves"

Okay, that was not a good ep. And it probably seems even more flat after "Ashes and Dust," which is a personal top ten ep.

This may have washed "Fisher King 1" out of the bottom slot.

Still, it's not Robern Vaughn dancing the watusi with a gorilla. There is always more floor.

You know, Kate Jackson looks like she could be Paget Brewster's mother.

Still winter in BAU land.

"Don't mess with me, Agent Hotchner, or I'll have Bruce Boxleitner kick your sorry ass."
"Bring the noise, Angel."

"Another piece?" Hotch, that was officially a stupid question.


Nice strain around the table between Hotch, Prentiss, and Prentiss Mere.

She knows what's in the note because she wrote it. And Gideon's giving her a suspicious glance.

And today Reid's nitrile gloves are blue. And Hotch does not like Ambassador Prentiss. He won't make eye contact with her.

Reid, everywhere is a 25 minute flight in the TARDIS Gulfstream. Our visual genius is apparently Not Very Good at geography, and has never seen a map.

Prentiss refers to her mom as "Ambassador Prentiss."

JJ is Sir Not Appearing In This Movie.

And Hotch smiles at Emily. Yay!

Also, yay Agent Cramer! Good to see you back, Josh. The return of Gonzalo Menendez. "Genius" is apparently Reid's FBI nickname. *g*

"Junior G-man!" Garcia is still love. I had a shirt just that color in high school. In 1987. God, Penelope.

How did her grandfather keep his party job after his family ran away to America?

Dear Gangster: I personally would not wear calfskin while vivisecting old people. You ever try getting blood out of leather?

Reid, one shirtcuff unbottoned, watch strapped on over the other one. netcurmudgeon suggested it might be triggery to have the metal watchband on bare flesh. Anybody remember when he started doing that?

Gideon's wearing his stripy black shirt. I actually like the stripy black shirt.

He actually just said, "I saw nothink." *dies.*

Reid has the Shades of Justice!


Natalia doesn't know her boyfriend's daddy is paying the ransoms? How interesting. I am not sure this makes sense.

And Morgan explains all the clues and does not twig that the unsub is standing right in front of him.

Hee. Fashion Plate Morgan. Yeah, he grew up in the 'hood: he can spot a fake Gucci bag as sixty paces. *dies*

...Reid has the car keys? I swear, the writers must have seen my icons...

And more strained relations with Prentiss and Prentiss.

Hee. And okay, nice subtle bit where Reid gets a look at the list of tattoos.

Garcia's pen matches her outfit.

Oh my god that's Elya Baskin as the Thief-in-Law. Hmm. You know, they cast mostly Slavic actors as the Russians in this ep. They did get the look right....

I'm not sure if Hotch is shocked or sarcastic that Em's mom did not pull a rabbit out of her telephone.


If Morgan can't tackle anybody, the flying leap down the stairs will do. Guess that career-ending knee injury is healed up nicely now.

Reid, you still hauling that manilla folder around? Don't you have an eidetic memory?

Hey, is that Lyov getting out of the car in the background?

"Why, why?" Good question Gideon.

OMG, fakest crying ever, Natalia.

"They didn't wait?" Reid's third doctorate is in OBVIOUSITY.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd Morgan's gonna kick the door down. He's gonna kick the door down. He's--- PSYCH! *g* Really, Derek, Hotch is gonna dock your pay for that one.

Mmm. Borscht.

Nice in your face, Reid. He almost looks tough there.

Gideon is actually detecting. Like, a detective. And everything. "23 years in prison in the Ural mountains doesn't breed a compassionate friend."

Reid looks so earnest with his bangs tucked behind his ear. I think it's time for Spencer's annual haircut.

Nice bit of business with the napkin, Mandy. Very professional.

They looove those tight camera angles on Mandy. And even Russian mobsters think Reid needs feeding up.

"You know tattoos?"
"As of fifteen minutes ago!"

On first watch, the excellence of this scene gave me hope that the ep was picking up. Alas! Not so much.

Bitchy comment to mom, Em?

And Mom saves the day!

Reid's veins are actually bulging in his forehead.

BODY PART NOT IN THE BOX! Do we have to drink extra for that? (And who the hell took the body part? The daughter? Oh, this makes no sense.)


Morgan actually looks pretty professional clearing that house. And now he notices the trash... Sigh. Not Morgan's best day.

Garcia's sweet breathless tone when she's explaining technobabble wins me over completely. And Emily geeking over her shoulder is nice.

Spencer Reid will explain... no, take too long. He'll sum up.

And yes, you all suck for trusting her that easily. The team is having what we call in the trade An Off Day.

Except for Garcia, who rocks.

"She needed to put pressure on the other victim." Okay, this plot officially makes no freaking sense. Lysowsky has been paying all along. And he would have paid this time. So why escalate?

I love Lysowsky correcting Reid's pronunciation, though. That was obviously like a game of telephone from Prentiss to Garcia to Morgan to Reid, and the only one of them who can handle non-English is... Prentiss.


Sweetie, if you are apologizing to your old man for getting him killed, excoriating him is maybe not part of apologizing.

Gee, Natalia, you appear to have been followed. Go figure. You know, much like the Evil Overlord, you should at least have the decency not to look shocked.

Gideon and Reid, the PTSD duo, rushing to comfort the victim at the end is a nice touch.

And the last scene between Em and Mom is nice, though I would have liked... something less banal.

Evil is supposed to be banal, in this show. Not the heroes.


...moving on now...
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