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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

re: the New York to London meme?

Be creative, guys. Enter your own home town and a foreign destination and see what happens.

For example, here are the directions from my house to Moscow.

Sadly, it only works for European/North American travel. You can't get to Perth from here by car.


Hee! I love that it has the street names in cyrillic after you enter Russia.
I hope you don't have any stalkers in Moscow who want to know where your house is!
Everything seems to go from NYC to Calais and then turn back into a land-route, though. S'kinda boring, actually. I'm looking for directions that say "Swim the Atlantic Ocean (3XXX miles) then turn Left into the North Sea (5XX miles). Bear Slight Right into Baltic Sea (XXX miles)..."
i'm with you. Even Dublin is via Calais. *sigh* And it doesn't get the ferries particularly well either.
Not NYC. Boston. Really.

Not Calais. Le Havre. Really.
We really are the Hub of the Universe (or, at least, on the Eastern Seaboard)!
I have noticed that myself. We did NYC-London, and it was "swim to France and then take the Chunnel." Italy? "Swim to France and then get lost in the Alps."

My personal swimming route to Moscow would be up around England, to Atlantic Norway. Cuts out a lot of toll roads!
Yes, it does just seem to have one Atlantic crossing.

I asked for directions from my home in North Wales to Boulder, Colorado and it sent me all the way across England and across the Channel to Calais before it would let me swim to the US. Really it would have been easier to go the Holyhead, swim to Ireland, then cross Ireland and swim for the States. *g*
"Swim across the Atlantic Ocean."

Good luck with that. :-)
Apparently, there's only one auto route across the Atlantic Ocean :D I tried from DC to Stockholm and it led me up to Connecticut first, and through France on the other side, same as yours.
kind of love the "make a u-turn"

oh, google.

Athens, Georgia to Athens, Greece


I tried to go to Cairo, but it wouldn't do it. But it wouldn't give me driving directions to Mexico, either, and I CAN drive there...so what's up with that?
It doesn't even work for all of the US. I can't get a route from Minneapolis to Honolulu.
Gotta wonder about the psychology of a country that only ever has numbered streets.
The following didn't work

Success with Oulu, Finland!
What I love is I have to go to Boston to get out to the Atlantic and swim to Moscow. I could do it just as easily from my front door. Hop into Casco Bay, pass the islands and swim out that way.

As it happens, I'm in Boston sitting in Logan airport waiting and waiting for my flight to D.C. to get undelayed. Ergh.
My favorite bit was the "swim across the Atlantic" part. :)
Grrr. And I was planning to drop in for a coffee.

Isn't it sad? No routes!
Guess I'll just have to outsell Rowling and buy me a private jet with a pilot who knows all the routes. *chuckles self-deprecatingly*
Dude. In that case, coffee is on you. Or, you know, if the jet ride is on you, coffee is on me.
7 books, 5 movies? If anyone outsells that, they can buy us all one jet for each continent, fuelled, engine running and masseur waiting. *sighs*
Shame, really. Perth is a very nice place.