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Book Report #30: Vernon Geberth: Practical Homicide Investigation

Research reading for Patience & Fortitude, remedial reading for Whiskey & Water.

I did not notice that I had made any glaring errors in the latter. But I get obsessive when it's too late to fix anything and start double-checking. I've read some of this before, of course.

Former NYC homicide commander Geberth knows his stuff, as you might expect. Also, he's funny. And he knows how to use humor to make his points memorable.

Keep in mind that the next person who runs up to you yelling murder may be the killer.

This is, as you might expect, an enormous tome (over 800 pages) but readable and well-organized, so it goes by fast. I finished the second half of it this morning, to give you an idea. 

It's a streetwise smart cop's guide to homicide investigation, including how to deal with and coordinate the media, outside specialists and professionals (forensics experts, FBI), and how to limit trauma to the victim's family.

It's foolish to judge an author by the text, but I'm left with the impression that Geberth is a pretty good cop.

Recommended for anybody writing anything in a modern setting involving a murder, even if none of your characters are cops, because it's also a crash course in streetwise for cops, and that's always useful. Nevertheless, we do not recommend looking at the color plates while eating eggplant parm.

And done reading in time to work out and shower before my massage therapy appointment. Yay!

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