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he could play guitar just like ringing a bell

The amazing thing about practice is that it actually works. I'm always a little startled when that happens. I can almost find the high A in "House of the Rising Sun" half the time, these days. If I actually stopped goofing off, I could be done with the guitar book I am using and on to the next one soon, though I don't actually play very well at all. I know the stuff intellectually, I guess: it's just a matter of getting my reflexes trained.

I've more or less got recognizable versions of Greensleeves and Scarborough Faire down, though. Soon, I will be unstoppable. (Where soon = in thirty years or so.)

In other exciting news, I have survived chapter five of the algebra book (fractions) including the dividing by binomial denominators bit, although I may never actually internalize how that part works. I did kind of have a click experience about reciprocals, so that was nice. Although it raises the question, why *do* we have so many different methods of notating division?

By the way, I now think massage therapists are the finest people on earth. I cannot get over how much less pain I have. I'm exhausted from today's treatment, mind you, and might pass out at any moment, but I swear I feel like a new human being. Even my balance is better.

And now, I really need to clear out this slush before it eats me. Because tomorrow, I buy plants and see my eye doctor, who has miraculously come back out of retirement. I was mourning him. (I've been seeing the same guy since I was 8. You get attached.)
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