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bear by san

March 2017



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spies mfu (sorta) going to hurt ivan & h

i'm gonna move up to the canyons baby paint my mailbox blue

Imagine a world in which we were all writing novels instead of pissing on each other on the internets.

You know, I shouldn't encourage that.

Publishing slots are limited enough as it is.

And some of these people are probably better writers than me.


Where do people find the time for flame wars? Perhaps best to treat this as a rhetorical question.
If it wasn't this excuse, they'd find another. Welcome to S.O.P., SFWA style.

I used to play years ago, when I was in grad school and didn't have a life, but did want excuses to avoid either the dissertation or the book deadline. Now I have too many other excuses. And too little time to actually, like, you know, write.

Bear's got it in one. If they're not writing, it's all the more publishers' slots for us!
There is a chance that the novels would be full of piss. Not a huge chance, but it's there.


You know, maybe people's publishers could sign them up for it. As a "perk." *g*

Oh, man, you should smell this jasmine. It's amazing.
Bullet *3* sounds unlikely.

Right now, I have jasmine, lemon, and lilac in bloom in the front yard. Mmmm. The jasmine is just going.
I'm amazed you get anything out of lilac there. I think we had the only lilac bush in Vegas at one point, and the only way we got any summer bloom out of it was to dump ice on the roots all winter.

Poor thing was only about four feet tall, and quite desperate looking.

Lilac is one of my faves, and when I have a house, it will have burgundy and white lilacs.

And roses.
I was *really* shocked to see that it bloomed here -- and it's a real lilac, not 'Miss Kim'. The previous owner had magic fingers.


Keep writing - let those who find pleasure in denegrating others with a few electrons on a screen have their way.
We need your stories. Unhappy posts by unhappy people? - leave them where they lay. Let the mold and other microorganisms do what they can to decrease the odor and change the color(s).
i'm gonna move up to the canyons baby paint my mailbox blue

I love that song. I prefer Colin James's version to the original.

As for the flaming -- sometimes it's best to simply walk away, slowly.
Then I would not have this lovely icon, provided by tnh. Or the couple of less lovely ones it's prompted me to make myself.
I don't know if it's because I'm a voyeur or because the irony of this entire situation entertains me hugely, but I for one would love to see the less lovely ones.
Wow. I am ALL about that icon!!
Sadly they're not that kind of "less lovely," but just because I'm not a very good icon maker. This one seems to have become fairly popular, though.
You are entirely composed of awesome.

I may have this tattooed somewhere on my person. Possibly somewhere on other people's persons, because really, these are words to live by.

You didn't say these people were actually going to *submit* their novels.