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there's just one thing that i've got to know: can you tell me please, who won?

I really can't express how awesome the Logee's greenhouses are. They are not accessible, which anybody going there needs to be aware of. Access is down a steep flight of stairs, and the walkways are just about wide enough for one person who is either small or careful. Moving through the greenhouses involves a lot of careful ducking under branches and sidling past overgrown bushes: it's a jungle in there, literally.

There's room for mature citrus trees (I assume they're pruned at the top to keep them from pushing through the roof, but one grafted specimen (lemons, oranges, tangerines) was at least ten feet tall.) and there are kumquats and buddha's hand and just about everything else you could imagine. The stock plants are the real joy, of course, because they're just sort of out in the greenhouse growing madly away, mixed in with everything else, while the propogated cuttings are what you take home (so you get to meet the parent plant, in other words, and get an idea of what a mature specimen of the baby in the little 2.5" pot might look like.).

And the smell. Not just the green moist verdancy of a conservatory, but redolent of spices and flowers. There was one red tubelike flower that smelled exactly of cinnamon candies, arrestingly. Nobody knew what it was, because it wasn't in the current catalog. But it was strongly enough scented that I stopped in my tracks and cast around in circles until I figured out what smelled so good.

Also, there's jasmine and various false jasmines, at least one rose that we found in bloom, tropical flowers galore (oh, god, the hibiscus made me covet yes), tea and coffee plants (bunches of varieties of teas (Camellia sinensis)), plus all sorts of other random goodies.

I was hoping for more succulents. I love weird succulents.

I wonder how big this Ficus will get, with love and conversation. Apparently the mistletoe fig is a slow grower, but I have time.

Reminds me, I need to buy plant food.

I'm thinking of all this now because the jasmine plant woke up about fifteen minutes ago, and my apartment smells fantastic now.

And now I need to walk down to the Shaw's and buy laundry detergent so I can wash my clothes. I guess I could pick up the plant food there, as well.

Ahh, the glamour!
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