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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Viable Paradise

The little writing workshop on Martha's Vinyard with the funny name is still accepting applicants for the class of 2007, and will be until June 15.

It's a one-week intensive course, and I am among the instructors this year. As are (deep breath) Cory Doctorow, Debra Doyle, Steven Gould, James D. Macdonald, Laura J. Mixon, and Teresa and Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

Here's what you need to know to apply.

I understand there are glow in the dark jellyfish. You know you wanna.

(Come on, I'm going to be sharing an apartment with Cory. That's gotta be a con legend in the making right there.)


I keep mis-reading the title as "Variable Paradise," which also makes a certain amount of sense, in either the "lots of kinds of utopia" or "where X and Y go to party; like Lake Havasu for equations."

It's one of those laugh-or-scream days around here, why do you ask?
Yeah, I read you loud and clear.
eljaydaly and e_underwood are entering the Stonecoast MFA program with dfable this July. (Incidentally, we all know each other from VP X, in October of 2006.) You might check out what they've blogged recently about Stonecoast, and what they blog in the months to come.

affinity8 is a graduate of both VP and the Stonecoast MFA program. Her first novel has just been published. You might check out her LJ, too.
I was about to meekly ask if VP was (don't hit me! don't hit me! don't hit me!) "worth it." That's a damn good rec you give it.

Dang! Stonecoast is right in my neighborhood! I could do that.
Hey, how is Stonecoast's attitude towards so-called genre fiction writers? Any bias there or should I keep my guns trained on VP or Clarion?
SHHH!!! They'll up the price!!!

I printed out the submission standards. I'm on it.
Click on the little "home" at the bottom of the page. ;-)
The website is low priority. I have three books to deliver this year.
Pricy... but worth it. And yes, it's easy to share accomodations and cut costs by a third or a fourth.
At some point we hope to have a scholarship avaialble. Housing costs are not as high as you'd think as roomsharing is an option that 99% of our students do. The workshop also provides 1 meal a day - dinner.

There are indeed glow in the dark jellyfish. You go out to a bridge at night and you get to watch them tumble over the rocks like little submerged fireflies. We went to see them and do a little stargazing at the same time... I hadn't seen stars like that since I was a wee thing on my grandparents' farm. There was a meteorite that arced across most of the visible sky while we were out there. It was easily one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

Oh, and the writing workshop was great too. ;)
For a moment there, I thought the instructors included Steven J. Gould and John D. MacDonald. That would have been truly amazing.
Speculative fiction, man.

No limits.
I badly want to go, but I don't think either the money or the timing are going to work out this year.

Plus I'm probably not good enough to get in.

You never know until you try.
True. Thanks for reminding me :)
Their definition of good enough to get in... is that you have to be far enough along that they know you can learn something. They have to feel that, in reading your story or excerpt, they have something useful to say to you, adn that they think you'll have something useful to say to them and your fellow students.

The point isn't to be so good you're publishable; some people are when they arrive, but, and this is important, most aren't. It's not like sending to a magazine or a book publisher. They expect that you're going to have flaws to work over; why else would you be going to a workshop?

After all, they even took me... :)
Thanks for that input. It's very encouraging.

Yes. It's a workshop, after all--the idea is to teach. *g*
Yeah, but it feels like applying for a PhD program while I'm still in freshman English :)
I've been powerful tempted. I think I could swing the money and the time off, but it's just two weeks after I return from 3 weeks in Japan. Might be a bit much.

What I really need right now (well, later this year) is a novel workshop like Blue Heaven.