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Book Report #32: Ronald W. Keyes and John Money, The Armed Robbery Orgasm: a long subtitle

Fruits of the used book store, and boy am I glad.

Money's the guy who formalized the concept of the "lovemap" and its programming development period (say, between the ages of about five and eight years old) as an explanation for how adult sexuality and affectionate bonds manifest. So I had hopes that this, despite its title, might have something interesting in it.

It's more like the unholy love child of and Men are from Mars. The primary author is a convicted armed robber whose defense was, essentially, his dominatrix made him do it. Throughout the book he alternates elaborate self-justifications with elaborate sexual fantasies, sprinkled with buzzwords borrowed from Dr. Money. Also, apparently, whatever else goes on in prison, they do let you have a thesaurus there.

But possibly not a dictionary. And definitely no copyeditors. And I haven't seen this heavyhanded a use of alliteration since last I cracked Beowulf.

As insight into a particular kind of criminal personality and its self-justifications, ego defense mechanisms, and tricks for avoiding culpability... it's fascinating. As literature or psychology... well, I offer the following sentence as an example of what you might find herein: Deeply into Connie's vaginal vise I sunk my protruding penis.

And on that note, children, I think it's time for bed.
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