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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

i feel stupid. and contagious.


Patti Smith covers "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

With banjo.

Man, that just rocks.

Because I needed another album to buy....


What song is not enhanced by the presence of a banjo?

And I have tickets. 24th May. Banjos ahoy!
I'm contemplating Lollapalooza just to see her and Iggy.

I could be a Lollapaloozer. Fifteen years to late to be cool.



The new Tori Amos is kind of good too.

Tori Amos has the preternatural ability to change her style without pissing me off.

I think the only album by her I can't get into is the studio side of To Venus and Back, but then I haven't given it much of a chance since I spent most of that album playing "Purple People" over and over and over....
Oh, you HAVE to go.

And I wasn't cool even 15 years ago. *G*

In Chicago.

I could visit Sue at the Field Museum.
You weren't taking a nap just now and having an out-of-body dream, were you? Because I think the restaurant we just got back from was channelling you. At least, the music included both Black is the Color *and* House of the Rising Sun. (Might have been others, but it was hard to hear.)
You know I have music mind control powers.
Oh, yeah? What song am I thinking of right now? Hmmm?
Stereogum and Radio Paradise are pretty much between them bankrupting me.
Have five brits with ukeleles doing something similar, but more upbeat.

It's like someone turned jaylake into a fine mist and used that to infect the populace or something...
Dude, indeed.

That's an even better version of the song than Tori's. And that, my friends, is saying something.

Hmm, I'm going to be in NYC next Tuesday, too. *contemplates buying the CD there and going to one of the Bowery Ballroom shows that night*
Patti seems to have finally come into her promise.

Which is saying something.
No kidding. I'll never forget discovering her when I was in college (via the "People Have The Power" video on 120 Minutes ... people scoff at that record, but dammit, it's still one of my all-time faves).

One of the coolest things I ever witnessed was watching her bitch out some assholes in the front row at Toad's Place for standing around chattering while she was trying to sing (and people were trying to listen). They sheepishly moved to the back of the room while the rest of us cheered.

I mean, seriously. Who in their right mind would actively try to piss that woman off?!
I full on respect Patti Smith for keeping it real all these years. I just can't get into her music for some reason. But as a person she is the mack.
The whole album is good, though not all as good as that cover. See my LJ for a track by track commentary.

And I am off to see Patti on May 11. Yeah!
she also covers white rabbit! i need to find the money to get me a copy of this
Actually I think that White Rabbit may be the best track there. Musically the band which includes Flea and Tom Verlaine really make it.