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a review roundup, a Nota bene, and a review:*

Book report #34, Sexual Homicide: Patterns & Motives, by Robert K. Ressler et al:

Results of extensive jailhouse interviews by the FBI with 36 murderers, including anonymous case studies and a discussion of patterns of behavior in same. Fascinating reading (for me, anyway), and another one of those books that's really useful to the working writer.

Not a lot of new information for me, here (this was originally published over twenty years ago), but this is presented in a no-nonsense and well-organized fashion, without a lot of faffing about.

And now, some reviews:

"Tideline," in the current Asimov's, gets some attention. You can read the first bit of the story here.

Happy Pixel-stained technopeasant wretch day.

And here is what other people thought of it:

Reviews of Jim Baen's universe #5, including my short "War Stories:"

Reviews of Carnival:

Reviews of Blood & Iron:

Reviews of Blood & Iron *and* Carnival:

Reviews of Fast Forward 1, including my story "The Something-Dreaming Game."

Reviews of New Amsterdam:

Reviews of Scardown:

The N.B.:

Dear Internets:

Yes, I saw what Truesdale said. You can all stop sending me links now, because I don't care.


* "Not necessarily in that order."

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