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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology cooking Bork! Bork! Bork!

haven't you noticed we're a protagonist short in this idyllic well-produced scene?

How to make pita chips at home:

1) Buy some pita bread (whole wheat or white is fine) at the Algerian deli on the corner. Put it in the fridge, along with the hummus you also bought.
2) Over the course of a week or so, eat three of the four loaves and most of the hummus.
3) Go away on a business trip.
4) Come home, sleep, wake up, putter around, and decide you want some lunch.
5) Rummage in the fridge and find the hummus and the last pita bread.
6) Notice that the pita bread is stale.
7) Put it in the oven at 115 degrees to warm up so it will be less stale-ish.
8) Forget it for two hours.
9) Walk into the kitchen to get tea and notice the oven is on.
10) Removed the kiln-dried pita bread.
11) Break into pieces.
12) Enjoy warm with hummus.
13) Have a raw red sweet pepper for dessert.


Wow. The quote you used for a subject sounds remarkably like it should be a Jethro Tull lyric if you take it completely out of context. I sat here very confused for about ten seconds...

"Well at least she's a good looking spy."

Great seeing you this weekend. Next time you come out this way you must stay longer.
Hee. You know... you're right.

How odd.

I look to be house-sitting for Joe & Lisa in the third? week of May, maybe....
Seriously. They were tasty, too.
haven't you noticed we're a protagonist short in this idyllic well-produced scene?

"Maybe it won't do any harm
To struggle on without his charm
Funny how all at once I feel
That he can go jump off the mountain,
I won't care!"

See the trouble you have. Now that's going to be in my head all day.
That's a problem?!?
Only for the distraction factor.
It is important to remember it within that time period. I did something similar a few years ago, only I forgot all about it until a day and a half later. When I opened the oven, I had a very nice charcoal model of a pitta bread. Shape perfectly preserved (it even split in the middle), but pure charcoal.

I decided not to eat it.
...that's just magical.
I'm reminded of some 'caramel rice' that my mother succeeded in cooking perfectly for us children just the once. I've been trying to repeat the success for years and never got close.

Kiln dried pita - my teeth feel as though they're something out of a Salvador Dali painting. Arrggh.
Now you've done it, you're going to make me listen to Chess all day. I listened to it on the plane ride home, wasn't that enough for you?? :D