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Three more into the breach

A reject, a reject, a very nice reject indeed from Gordon last night. So today, I sent him another one. "House of the Rising Sun," the bizarre circumstances of which's creation are recorded in my old blog. I suspect it's unpublishable, but dammit, I like it. It's even sort of funny.

Also, the poem followup to e.e. "doc" cummings. And "Jack" off to Alchemy, for whome hopefully it will be weird enough.

No word count last night. I came home from work with a headache nothing would shake and was in bed by nine thirty. I still have lingering traces of it. I did get the WYOGDS edit of Chelsea's "Scaredyfox" done and sent off to her. I hope it helps.

I have figured out what the next scene of Scardown is--huzzah! It's still not taking shape in my head, but I mean to poke at it a bit more.

Short stories, by the way, are much more frustrating to write than novels. For me, anyway.

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