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pointlessest blog post evar

I just got around to watching Hustle 4x1.

It is to love.

Is Adrian Lester shooting a movie? They seem to be leaving it open for him to come back, but I don;t know enough about the circumstances of his leaving the show....

Ash & Stacie, with the post-nookie discomfort, had me ON THE FLOOR.

Also, the movie riffs were hysterical. "Because of the... metric thing?"

Man, don't shout "ROBERT!" on that set. You'll get crushed in the stampede.

Interesting how they changed it up. Last season they were doing the caper movie "It looks like it's going wrong, but it's all part of the plan" trick. This season, with Mickey in absentia, we get Danny's scrambling style.

The organized vs. the disorganized con.

Not a bad way to change it up, really....

Yeah, you're doomed. Hustle, Doctor Who, and at least another month of new eps of Criminal Minds. Just put this blog on your "fan" filter now.

At least the BBC seasons are short.

I did actual work this morning/afternoon. There was hours and hours of formatting and pasting and so forth as I created proposal ToCs for two short story collections (one Promethean Age, one comprehensive-since-Chains.) Which was not actual writing, but I think counts as work.

And then I made garlic bread for lunch.

If I were a good bear, I would go for a walk now.

I suspect I am not a good bear. Even though I just had about six hundred thousand calories worth of garlic bread and red wine for lunch.

But I might do some math instead.

Maybe I will go for that walk. And then come home and do my math and play guitar.

314.7 miles to Rivendell. That's like virtue, right?
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