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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

it'll cost you a dollar first

via jaylake, Andrew Huang's animated short "Dollface."

Not a heartbreaking work of shattering genius, and not, you know, telling us anything we didn't already know, and I have a kind of visceral negative reaction to the woman-in-the-box on a thematic level.

But nevertheless wow very cool.


Which book comes after Blood and Iron in that series? Whatever it is, it's next on my "Saw It Wanted It Had a Fit Got It" list.

You got "Whiskey You're The Devil" stuck in my head. *chuckle* I tore the internet apart looking for the sheet music to learn it on the tin whistle.

Do any of your books feature cait sidhe? *hopeful*
Whiskey & Water, out this summer.

And yay! I hope the books continue to work for you.

There are a bunch of related short stories, too. And three more books written after W&W. And plans for a bunch more, eventually.

Re: Cait Sith: not *as such*, but you will note that Kadiska's nickname means "Cat" in Swahili.

And there is always The Future.
More Uisgebaugh? Yay! I'll look around for the stories.
Baen's Universe has one up ("The Cold Blacksmith"), and two more ("Cryptic Coloration" and "The Rest of your Life in a Day") forthcoming. And there's one ("Black is the Color") forthcoming at Subterranean. In less tightly linked stuff, the One-eyed Jack stories are linked--"Sonny Liston Takes the Fall," forthcoming in an as yet untitled Datlow anthology, and "One-eyed Jack and the Suicide King" in the Chains collection.

"Sounding," at Strange Horizons, is linked, as are "Botticelli" and "Old Leatherwings," also in Chains.

And "Follow-Me Light" and "Long Cold Day" at SciFiction are the same universe.

As is "House of the Rising Sun" in TTA.

Someday, I will have a second collection, and they will all be easier to find.
Thank you, and I had just finished scrubbing the Karen Carpenter musical number from MirrorMask out of my mind...
I'm evil.

It is so.