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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds reid mathematics

the new marine was just fifteen in 1939

That's chapter six done, and I actually even passed the "review test."

Thank God the teacher said it was "open book."

Onwards tomorrow to linear equations! yay!

And I can't believe that I just figured out that in some ways this is a catharsis. As I just said elsewhere:

I gotta be the only dumb asshole on the internets reclaiming her blighted childhood through algebra.


It beats reclaming it through bed-hopping or proclamations of Unity With The Universe.
Oh, those didn't work out....
*splutter of wry amusement*
Dammit. I was hoping bed-hopping might work out for me, kill the lost childhood, wasted years in marriage birds with one strategy?

Well, I most certainly am NOT taking up algebra. We'll have to come up with something else for me. Piano, maybe. But maybe a whole new job...
Well, the bed-hopping might be fun.

I think it helps to patch up whatever you feel like you lost.

A little spackle helps a lot.
There's always combining bed-hopping and algebra, one supposes.

"Ooh, looks like someone's polynomial is expanding...."

(Why does this sound like it should be an xkcd_rss comic?)
math_sex or is it mathsex? Something like that :)
Here's my mantra: It's never too late to have a happy childhood.

You know, I like that mantra very much.
I don't know: I did my damnest last fall to do the same thing in my first college classes since 1992, and algebra proceeded to beat me like a redheaded stepchild. That's why I'm going to stick to the horticulture classes this fall: I'm having far too much fun leaning toward Brother Cadfael and Jason Woodrue to ever want to go back to being yet another Raoul Duke or Jay Sherman.
My problems were with geometry.

Congratulations on conquering yours.
What is your icon from? That quote is hilarious.
The image is a young actor named Matthew Gray Gubler (You've never heard of him) who plays the character Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds. That particular image is from the episode Fisher King II. The character is a visual pseudo-savant. Occasionally we get to see the world the way he does (Spencer!Cam!) and this was one of those sequences.

This icon is also him. He's quite dorktastic. And I seriously overidentify with him. *g*

The quote is a misquote of Feynman. The original is "Physics is like sex, etc."
I've never heard of a lot of people.

That quote is SO perfect for a character in this one story I'm writing. /squee
I gotta be the only dumb asshole on the internets reclaiming her blighted childhood through algebra.

Well, apart from the fact that he's not on the internets very much, that sort of applies to my husband.

He was assured by his maths teacher that he was useless at maths and thus didn't study it beyond the age of 16.

When he first started programming, he had to ask me to rearrange his equations for him! In his mid-thirties, having rapidly gone beyond my limted maths knowledge, he started studying for a maths degree. Now he not only has a first class honours and a Masters, he's working towards a Ph.D. and is a chartered mathematician.

We both seem to be late developers. I think it's because we've finally learned how to combine our innate intelligence with effective hard work. *g*
"I gotta be the only dumb asshole on the internets reclaiming her blighted childhood through algebra"

You must look up shaolingrrl, who's doing it through physics and calculus. Though she's using an institutional approach.

I mean to get there eventually, if my brain holds out.
You'll get there.

I have the feeling you'll get anywhere you want to be.
dumb asshole?

Not that you don't probably know this, but the only dumb assholes would be those who prejudged people's ability at an early age, and those who stew about it later without actually doing anything.

Reclaim! Reclaim! OK!
Dr. Bronner! YAY!

My favorite shower reading material.
I gotta be the only dumb asshole on the internets reclaiming her blighted childhood through algebra.

I hesitate to call you an a-hole, but yeah, you're probably the only one. Most do therapy and past-life regressions. Bear does proofs.
Well, I've already been through that part. This is the detail work. *g*
And it's working for you!

Still reeling from your brave post.

Oh, and the window's open for the cat and my extremities are cold.
It's cold up there in the tundra....
I'm with you in dumb assholedom, then :). Hi, I've just discovered your blog, and it's really good!

Anyway, Algebra! I passed a college Algebra class last year, only three points away from an A. It was the most thrilling, liberating, and well, healing thing I've ever done for my inner mathematical moron. It was a hard time, living, breathing, and eating Algebra for a whole semester, but it - was - wonderful!

At the end-of-semester party my algebra teacher threw for us, she apologized to me that I hadn't made an A :D. I hugged her and told her I was delighted! and see, just hugging an Algebra teacher instead of bursting into tears at her, well, it was all a great experience. I told her I was thrilled it was such a fat B.

I've been thinking about Chemistry...
Thanks! And wow, good for you. That rocks.

Ooo, chemistry.

I never took that.
No, really you're not.

The appalling thing is I never understood math until I got out of classes and just taught it to myself out of a book and internet tutorials.