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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek will

you can speak double dutch to a real double dutchess

It looks as if an ebook version of New Amsterdam will be available from Baen/Subterranean in the relatively near future.

Also, Bill mentioned at Penguicon (while I was signing and signing and signing the really pretty front pages for the special edition) that the dead tree book should be back from the printer in the next fortnight.

Also, New Amsterdam is, eventually, going to be one of the first books from Subpress's as-yet-unnamed new trade imprint, but that won't be until 2008 or something.

Further information as it becomes available. ;-)


And in other Dutch(ish) news, Rutger Hauer is going to be making his directorial debut... :)

And he has an autobiography out... but unfortunately I forget the title... I do remember it was a line from Blade Runner, though...

till I have the possession of everything she touches

The only reason I don't have a TERMINAL EARWORM right now is that my iTunes is playing Street Drum Corps and that's strong enough to counteract it. :P

Re: till I have the possession of everything she touches

eh hee hee.

*evil cat laugh*
There were pretty front pages for a special edition of New Amsterdam at Penguicon, and I missed it? Augh! This'll teach me to miss a signing session.
It wasn't at the signing--I was just sitting in the lobby signing them.
Ah, I see. Then I'll stop kicking myself over that one.

I am going to hang out for dead tree as I seem to lose track of reading stuff online. I wish I could be more technical, but I need the feel of paper in between my sweaty digits.