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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Doctor Who 03x5, Evolution of the Daleks

What is it with "Evolution of..." is episode titles this year? (No matter how you spell it.)

Spoilers and snark:

[14:43] matociquala: (Dear Russell Davies & Helen Raynor, "Human Daleks" are just dumb.)
[14:44] matociquala: although "prepare them for hybridization" is a great line.
[14:45] katallen: just you wait
[14:45] matociquala: *waits*
[14:46] matociquala: (At heart, this species is so very Dalek.)
[14:46] stillsostrange: Now I'm envisioning Tricia Helfer with a plunger attachment
[14:46] stillsostrange: make the bad brain stop
[14:46] matociquala: LOL
[14:46] matociquala: "What's she doing with that... plunger?"
[14:47] matociquala: You ever notice how the Doctor always has to shout "RUN!" when any sane monkey would already be halfway down the stairs?
[14:47] matociquala: (Doubting Daleks are love)
[14:49] matociquala: "They can't take all of us."
[14:50] matociquala: Okay, y'all need to read the script.
[14:50] katallen: he's bucking natural selection
[14:50] matociquala: Check out our effects budget!
[14:51] matociquala: Apparently the Dalek Human learned to act by watching TJ Hooker era Shatner....
[14:51] katallen: heee
[14:51] stillsostrange: heee
[14:51] katallen: (and I'd like to mention that daleks that couldn't climb stairs were scarier than flying daleks)
[14:52] matociquala: (Oh, when it first showed up with the Carmina Burana in the background, that was spooky,)
[14:52] matociquala: LOL! "What do you say?"
[14:52] matociquala: "EXTERMINATE!"
[14:52] matociquala: Yay!
[14:54] katallen: hee
[14:54] matociquala: Or possibly that's Dark-City-era Kiefer
[14:54] matociquala: Poor Kiefer.
[14:55] stillsostrange: hee
[14:55] stillsostrange: I need a crazy doctor in my Dark City ripoff
[14:55] matociquala: Could he ever actually act?
[14:55] leahbobet: no.
[14:56] stillsostrange: hush you
[14:56] matociquala: Oh, good. So 24 is just continuing a trend, then.
[14:56] matociquala: *g*
[14:56] stillsostrange: He doesn't need to act.
[14:56] stillsostrange: Or didn't 20 years ago.
[14:56] matociquala: Okay, he so is doing the Dark City creepy doctor.
[14:56] matociquala: Complete with breathless pauses.
[14:56] stillsostrange: hee
[14:57] matociquala: ("Look... inside...")
[14:58] matociquala: When I am a Dalek overlord, and I capture the Doctor, I will not gloat.
[14:58] katallen: it's worse than gloating
[14:59] leahbobet: Lasers, day one, nine a.m.  ;)
[14:59] stillsostrange: I wish the snowglobe city would give me plot spores
[14:59] stillsostrange: It's full of pretty
[14:59] matociquala: ...dudes, if a solar flare HITS THE EARTH the Daleks will have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT
[15:00] matociquala: Keptin, there's a moral on our sensors.
[15:08] matociquala: Oh, you can't tell me that nobody saw THAT coming.
[15:11] katallen: ::grins::
[15:12] matociquala: The Doctor is a genius.... which is Doctorland code for "thick as a post."
[15:13] katallen: poor boy
[15:13] matociquala: And since when does Gamma radiation = lightning?
[15:13] katallen: last of his kind
[15:14] matociquala: not for long, unless I miss my guess....
[15:14] katallen: escaped from the looney bin
[15:14] matociquala: LOL
[15:15] matociquala: Okay, Martha gets the best line of the ep.
[15:16] matociquala: "I can't help noticing, this Dalekanium is still attached."
[15:16] katallen: ::grins::
[15:18] matociquala: They are using the same marching foley they used for the cybermen.
[15:18] matociquala: You would think they could do new SFX
[15:19] katallen: we're big into recycling
[15:19] matociquala: But at least the Doctor has his Chucks.
[15:21] matociquala: Somebody needs to tell the Doctor Who scriptwriters about the whole throw out your first three ideas thing.
[15:24] katallen: if they threw ideas away they'd have to have some kind of safe disposal facility
[15:25] matociquala: LOL!
[15:25] matociquala: "What do I need, oh, I dunno, how about a...
[15:25] matociquala: ...great big genetics lab?
[15:25] matociquala: Oh look!"
[15:25] katallen: hee
[15:25] katallen: and what does he do with it?
[15:26] matociquala: a little cosmetic surgery is beyond him, though.

Nice character development. Pity about the script. *g*


And since when does Gamma radiation = lightning

I've been asking this since Saturday, but still no satisfactory answer. [grin]

Daleks! Joy!


Wish I was there...
I did struggle to follow the plot of this one - I put it down to a small boy who kept insisting that he wasn't scared of the daleks, but who seemed somewhat attached to my lap. But perhaps it was the general foolishness of it all.

And I agree on the non-stairclimbing dalek scariness.

But, Go Martha!! I like her.
Real Daleks don't climb stairs, they level the building!
Damn! *bugger* I keep forgetting to watch. and I'll probably forget on Friday as well. And just when I've kind of got into it again. Mind you, I don't think I mind missing this episode, from the pictures I've seen. :-( Why can't they understand that Daleks were perfectly scary as they were! If it ain't broke ... Grrr.
"Now I'm envisioning Tricia Helfer with a plunger attachment"

ive always wondered about those plunger and eggbeater attachments. and your icon makes me want to go watch old school doctor who :]

also, doing cpr on a guy with no blood wouldnt help at all, but lo and behold, its all good in doctor who. stupid crap science. its amazing, but it's crap.
This isn't actually related to Dr. Who--I just realized that David Bowie played Tesla in The Prestige. And for some inexplicable reason I feel compelled to comment on that over here.
And he was great in it, too.
Dopy Daleks all over the place, and not a Silurian to be seen anywhere. I give up.
And since when does Gamma radiation = lightning?

Since about the same time that decanting clones required explosions?
It... doesn't?
Nice character development. Pity about the script. *g*

Yeah. It was a slog but, then I realized that the Doctor had done lots of Scientific in Name Only Things during, which is great, and I loved his decision to use those poor people's "empty shell"'s to create a new race -- it was at once an act of hope and kindness and also appropriately inhuman.
er, should have added "and that made me almost like it" at the end there.
*g* I didn't hate it. It is, after all, Doctor Who and therefor camp.

I agree about the inhuman thing. "Well, let's make lemonade!"

He takes the long view.
Was it really Carmina Burana? I thought it was Carmina Burana (ish)!
It was Carmina Burana Ish, I think.