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Doctor Who 03x5, Evolution of the Daleks

What is it with "Evolution of..." is episode titles this year? (No matter how you spell it.)

Spoilers and snark:

[14:43] matociquala: (Dear Russell Davies & Helen Raynor, "Human Daleks" are just dumb.)
[14:44] matociquala: although "prepare them for hybridization" is a great line.
[14:45] katallen: just you wait
[14:45] matociquala: *waits*
[14:46] matociquala: (At heart, this species is so very Dalek.)
[14:46] stillsostrange: Now I'm envisioning Tricia Helfer with a plunger attachment
[14:46] stillsostrange: make the bad brain stop
[14:46] matociquala: LOL
[14:46] matociquala: "What's she doing with that... plunger?"
[14:47] matociquala: You ever notice how the Doctor always has to shout "RUN!" when any sane monkey would already be halfway down the stairs?
[14:47] matociquala: (Doubting Daleks are love)
[14:49] matociquala: "They can't take all of us."
[14:50] matociquala: Okay, y'all need to read the script.
[14:50] katallen: he's bucking natural selection
[14:50] matociquala: Check out our effects budget!
[14:51] matociquala: Apparently the Dalek Human learned to act by watching TJ Hooker era Shatner....
[14:51] katallen: heee
[14:51] stillsostrange: heee
[14:51] katallen: (and I'd like to mention that daleks that couldn't climb stairs were scarier than flying daleks)
[14:52] matociquala: (Oh, when it first showed up with the Carmina Burana in the background, that was spooky,)
[14:52] matociquala: LOL! "What do you say?"
[14:52] matociquala: "EXTERMINATE!"
[14:52] matociquala: Yay!
[14:54] katallen: hee
[14:54] matociquala: Or possibly that's Dark-City-era Kiefer
[14:54] matociquala: Poor Kiefer.
[14:55] stillsostrange: hee
[14:55] stillsostrange: I need a crazy doctor in my Dark City ripoff
[14:55] matociquala: Could he ever actually act?
[14:55] leahbobet: no.
[14:56] stillsostrange: hush you
[14:56] matociquala: Oh, good. So 24 is just continuing a trend, then.
[14:56] matociquala: *g*
[14:56] stillsostrange: He doesn't need to act.
[14:56] stillsostrange: Or didn't 20 years ago.
[14:56] matociquala: Okay, he so is doing the Dark City creepy doctor.
[14:56] matociquala: Complete with breathless pauses.
[14:56] stillsostrange: hee
[14:57] matociquala: ("Look... inside...")
[14:58] matociquala: When I am a Dalek overlord, and I capture the Doctor, I will not gloat.
[14:58] katallen: it's worse than gloating
[14:59] leahbobet: Lasers, day one, nine a.m.  ;)
[14:59] stillsostrange: I wish the snowglobe city would give me plot spores
[14:59] stillsostrange: It's full of pretty
[14:59] matociquala: ...dudes, if a solar flare HITS THE EARTH the Daleks will have NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT
[15:00] matociquala: Keptin, there's a moral on our sensors.
[15:08] matociquala: Oh, you can't tell me that nobody saw THAT coming.
[15:11] katallen: ::grins::
[15:12] matociquala: The Doctor is a genius.... which is Doctorland code for "thick as a post."
[15:13] katallen: poor boy
[15:13] matociquala: And since when does Gamma radiation = lightning?
[15:13] katallen: last of his kind
[15:14] matociquala: not for long, unless I miss my guess....
[15:14] katallen: escaped from the looney bin
[15:14] matociquala: LOL
[15:15] matociquala: Okay, Martha gets the best line of the ep.
[15:16] matociquala: "I can't help noticing, this Dalekanium is still attached."
[15:16] katallen: ::grins::
[15:18] matociquala: They are using the same marching foley they used for the cybermen.
[15:18] matociquala: You would think they could do new SFX
[15:19] katallen: we're big into recycling
[15:19] matociquala: But at least the Doctor has his Chucks.
[15:21] matociquala: Somebody needs to tell the Doctor Who scriptwriters about the whole throw out your first three ideas thing.
[15:24] katallen: if they threw ideas away they'd have to have some kind of safe disposal facility
[15:25] matociquala: LOL!
[15:25] matociquala: "What do I need, oh, I dunno, how about a...
[15:25] matociquala: ...great big genetics lab?
[15:25] matociquala: Oh look!"
[15:25] katallen: hee
[15:25] katallen: and what does he do with it?
[15:26] matociquala: a little cosmetic surgery is beyond him, though.

Nice character development. Pity about the script. *g*
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