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all they plant down in my home town is candy yam potatoes

Well, that's the closets mostly cleaned out except the hall closet, and three bags of ugly clothes gone the way of the dodo.

Sweater dresses! OUT! Everything stretch cotton, OUT! Every single ugly shapeless oversized elastic-waisted thing my mother-in-law ever inflicted upon me, OUT OUT OUT!

The green and red Madras plaid shirt, though, I'm keeping. A shirt that ugly is an heirloom, man. (No, I do not wear it with an argyle sweatervest. Thanks for asking.) As is the blue denim coat with the red corduroy collar. (I pick my clothes for amusement value or comfort, not style. It's unfortunately sort of a trend.)

Tomorrow, laundry. And floor sweeping. And the paying of bills.

Have you noticed, the maintenance never stops?
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