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you knew it was coming...

Spoilers, no duh.

White men with soul patches are never a good idea. Okay, I think it's really a pathetic goatee. But that's the mark of a serial killer, right there.

In case you didn't get that the guy with the bloody nose is the prey, we will show you the mule deer.

I think they do better in general when they don't even bother with the whodunnit. The whodunnit is not why we are here, after all.

Ahh, girls in the bar. I love these women. Notice, in case you didn't catch on to the thing with the mule deer, that JJ and Garcia are discussing the guy hitting on Prentiss as a hunter, with Emily metaphorically the prey. "She broke away from the group..."

And they totally pwn him. Just as Bobbi will later totally pwn the killers.

"I am so blogging about this later." And of course, Kirsten did. Because she is made of win.

"Does it look like this?"

...Why does Garcia have an ID that says "Special Agent?"

Reid is looking particularly scruffy this ep. Back to the greasy hair.

And Gideon is apparently no longer hiding his secret identity as Captain OBVIOUS.

Reid is wearing the camel-colored sweater I covet. With his watch over the sleeve.

Emily does not sound too thrilled about her childhood vacations in France. "Which was a lot." Yeah, that would not be a child's idea of fun.

And Morgan thinks Reid would rather be in an office than in the woods. I wonder if Reid is going to take that as more "you can't do your job?"

JJ looks good in jeans. Oh, who am I kidding. JJ looks good in everything.

JJ is now filling in as Captain Obvious. The dialogue in this ep is a bit heavyhanded, but they are getting the point across.

"We must be off the mountain by nightfall. That's when the monsters come out!"

Oh, victim's dad is wonderful. Just wonderful. And I like the intercuts. Almost makes up for the lack of greenscreenity this ep. "First rule in police force, Agent Jareau. No crying."

Yeah, they have that one in the Ef Be Aye, too.

Seriously heartwrenching stuff. The supporting actors get some beautiful beautiful moments in this show.

Look, stock footage of a black bear! And conversation about instinct, and listening thereto. Keyword of the episode.

Keptin, there's a thematic element on our sensors!"

Morgan and Prentiss work well together.

And they are doing the trick where different parts of the team come to the same conclusion via different paths.

Gideon does not even like watching animals die.

Heh. And the kid--"tourists migrating." Again, with the human=animal metaphor.

In case you didn't notice that the cellphone was not in service, we'll show it to you again.

No greenscreen, but again with the intercutting.

Reid: second keyword of the episode: migrate!

And Gideon says the I word. The dialogue this ep is a bit strained. I said that already, didn't I?

It's not a bad ep, by any means, and there are some moments of sheer brilliance.

"This isn't your fault." Do I hear a refrain?

JJ mentions fresh air, which is something Morgan said earlier in the ep.

Hotch is faxing things to Gideon on the mountaintop?

I alsways knew Boston was an evil band. And you can tell we're in the mountains, because there are raptor noises.

I like the victim in this ep. She's a scrapper.

We have another white male cop, but there's a female ranger for balance.

Shit, bystanders!

"Garcia, you're the man."
"No, YOU'RE the man."

Reid appears to have showered this morning, at least.

"He was a quiet man, kept a nice lawn."

Ooo, creepy gas station owner.

"Bullseye." Oh, Penelope, your Freudian slip is showing."

Well, this inspection of a creepy serial killer hideout went better than the last couple of inspections of a creepy serial killer hideout, now didn't it, guys?

Reid's wearing his pink shirt. I think that shirt has a fandom.

Oh, Emily's looking at a hep test now.

Oh, DUH. THAT's why the raptor noises. Not just because that's Hollywood code for "we're in the mountains." They're predators. Okay, so I can be thick sometimes.

Gideon winces! Gideon hyperventilates at crimes scenes! Drink! Drink! DRINK!

Bobbi's already thinking. Good Bobbi.

Oh look. More cars than wedding rings.

Hotch says: "We're looking at a lot more victims." Refrain: Drink.

"Everybody in before sundown." Ranger Lass is worried about bad guys with arrows. Somebody ought to be.

Reid says, "Guys, look at this." Drink.

"The boys weren't even born yet." Yeah, and neither was Spencer. *g*

Everybody is borrowing Reid's blue nitrile gloves this ep.

Smart victim. Smart! Get the knife, keep the knife, use the knife. Not so smart victim: walk out into the clearing. If you were in a James Fenimore Cooper novel, you would have stepped on a twig.

Notice the parallel between Paul comforting the dying Johnny and then Gideon doing the same? Man, the brothers are note perfect.

I love the way they don't bother to explain to the audience how our guys are not fooled by Johnny. They just tell you the clues and trust you to figure out what just happened. Oh, and Morgan's whispered "she's gone--" is beautiful.

So, Bobbi is looking at the tree and I think Your storm, Thayli. Use it.

Oh, Gideon. Yes. Connect with the killer, convince the killer, get him to talk to you... There's such beautiful conflict in this scene. "It's okay. It's okay."

And of course the kid is probably not much younger than Stephen.

It is okay. And it will never be okay. Both at once.

Mandy Patinkin is so not shabby at this acting thing. La.

"How can these guys do something like this?"
"They don't think like you and me."

You know, I wish they had not felt the need to reinforce that quite as heavy-handedly at the end, but then as I said, the dialogue in this ep is a little... well, on the nose. Hitting us over the head with the theme mallet.

But that's okay, because it felt like a Criminal Minds episode. Not a standout, but solid nonetheless.

Morgan is everybody's companion in cope. Morgan and the BATBELT.

The difference, Em, is that motive does count.

Gideon and Hotch sacked out, JJ reading over Reid's shoulder. Awww. We're safe on the plane. It may be the only place we're safe.

And next ep looks... creeeeeeepy.

Or, a short list of things that are probably me reading too much into things:

Reid gets his back to the victim images as soon as he can. La la la. All fine here.*

"A serial killer with no sexual preference?"
"That'd be a first."
Oh, how quickly we forget Frank....

I wonder if that flash of running through the woods is meant to be Gideon POV....

Emily really does not sound overjoyed about her time roughing it in the French Alps.

Garcia is large and in charge. Look at those triceps! Kirsten has been working out....

Heh. And Reid knows Morgan is covering for him, and JJ shoots him the sympathetic Mogan-mocking look. Yeah, the kids are onto Big Bro.

"And none of them reached their destination." The Captain Obvious hat is really getting passed around this ep.

Reid sounds like he's offering his analysis to Hotch like a homework assignment. "Did I do okay?"

HAH! Mounted bighorn sheep head on the wall behind the Sheriff. Trophies!

Morgan, yes, Ranger Evans is cute. Now roll your tongue back up please. *g*

Oh, cop looking to JJ for support is very cute. I like the Sheriff. I will bring him home, and he can look sad and hesitant on command.

Harrison says of Alex, "He's all I've got." Which is what Johnny says of Paul, at the end.

And JJ says, "I do."
She gets it, the same way Gideon gets it. Because yeah, they're what they've got, too.
"We'll stay here until your family arrives."

Family, still a theme.

I kind of expected Ranger Evans' Spot Hidden to be pivotal to the end. Alas!
You know, if we hooked her up with John Blackwolf, we could breed some scary-ass trackers.

"These are tactics that hunters use." Is Prentiss suffering echolalaia?

I do like that all three groups have figured out what's going on concurrently.

Spencer Reid, the only guy who needs a paragraph to say, "Yes."

Bobbi, like Garcia, names her car.

You know, Spokane looks a lot like the Cajon Pass.....

Look! Another mounted head. And then three more! It looks like Yale in this cop shop....

Wait, you're both right! They're developmentally prepubescent AND related!

I miss the green screen. *misses* Hustle has been light on the postproduction pyrotechnics this year too. *sad.*

I like Emily's woodswear. Though nothing can make Paget Brewster look less va va voom. Probably not even Reid's giant fuzzy cardigan.

Aww. Hotch with the "yeah, save her," look at JJ and Reid with the little flickering pained smile he must have borrowed from Jeremy Brett for the occasion.

Bobbi's sweater has birds of paradise on it, I think. Hunted, of course, for their plumage....

Look, more mounted heads.

Gideon, you need to borrow the Shades of Justice. You're squinting.

And the male victim (Luke) has a flying fish on his shirt. *g*

Bobbi tries to personalize herself, and Luke rejects that. Another shade of gray.

"You never know how somebody's going to react when they're forced into circumstances like this."

It's SNOWING in BAUland! Yay!

Spencer has the SHADES OF JUSTICE even though it's overcast.

Look, Ponderosa pines. They're supposed to smell like chocolate, but they never did, to me.

Paget is quite a fine actress. The scene with the dripping blood is really natural looking.

Reid has good horrified face over the driver's licenses. JJ and Hotch just look resigned.

You know, if I were Bobbi, I would have grabbed Johnny's bow. But then, I know how to use one of those.

I will note, in the interests of nitpicking completely, that he's drawing it wrong. First of all, he's got his fingers hooked all the way around the string, which is not going to give you any kind of an accurate release. Second, his anchor point is too far forward. And third, he's not using a tab, which, if he was actually using a hunting-weight bow, is just asking for nerve damage. Hell, I get blood blisters from my little 30 pound recurve if I shoot too much, and I use a tab. (I use a release with the compound bow, like a sensible bear.)

Also, Paul's armguard is in the wrong place. It doesn't do you any good on the underside of your arm, Paul.



Done now.

The bowshot foley is good, though.

"Could just be a couple campers." ...and everybody unholsters. *g* That is funny.

There's never enough blood in TV shows. And I for one am grateful to the FCC for this. Because in a real stabbing?

Um yeah.

Just like they never show anything like real burn damage.

Oh, man. When Gideon is working Johnny, Prentiss is looking at Gideon like she finally gets him, and it scares her. It's the sweetness in his voice, I think. Because that gives me the creeps as well.

Okay, so not done.
...Paul's also holding his bow wrong. God, I need a life.

Honey, when you have him down, KEEP STABBING.

Hotch, you will be more comfy with your jacket off for plane sleeping. Also, hard on the jackets. *g*

You know, that's really not a bad ep at all.

*It was a boring conversation anyway.

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