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[21:39] matociquala: (Thank you for your alertness, Doctor.)
[21:41] matociquala: (Our focus moves to the subtly named Lazarus Laboratories, where we set our scene....)
[21:41] katallen: (checking it twice, gonna find out who's naughty or nice)
[21:41] katallen: ::grins::
[21:42] matociquala: They put the b back into subtle.
[21:43] matociquala: (show her the psychic paper, doctor)
[21:43] stillnotbored: psychic paper?
[21:43] matociquala: I'm watching doctor who
[21:43] atheilen: ah
[21:43] matociquala: ignore me'there may be outbursts
[21:44] stillnotbored: that's okay *g*
[21:44] katallen: oh there may well be
[21:44] stillnotbored: when I get rich, I'm buying the dvds
[21:44] atheilen: you are entertaining
[21:44] matociquala: Dear doctor: It's overloaded? What was your first clue?
[21:44] matociquala: Perhaps the flashing screen saying "system overload?" Love, bear.
[21:45] matociquala: Hey, this capsule washes off bad age makeup!
[21:45] katallen: they finally invented the sonic shower
[21:48] matociquala: martha has ink.
[21:48] katallen: I wish someone would hand the writers a DNA primer though
[21:48] matociquala: that might be a companion first
[21:48] matociquala: (He's keeping Martha.)
[21:48] matociquala: (She's smarter than K9)
[21:48] matociquala: (Also a first)
[21:48] stillnotbored: heee
[21:48] katallen: heh
[21:49] katallen: she impressed resident brother greatly (with the ability to run in heels on marble)
[21:50] matociquala: oh, any fool can do that
[21:50] matociquala: it's just rare in smart women....
[21:50] matociquala: they understand the risks....
[21:50] stillnotbored: and kick off the shoes :)
[21:50] matociquala: Amen.
[21:50] katallen: ::grins::
[21:51] matociquala: convulsions, cramp.
[21:51] katallen: indeed
[21:51] matociquala: pretty much the same.
[21:52] matociquala: Dear Russell Davies:
[21:52] matociquala: Women who rule massive corporate empires do not start asking men for instructions the instant something goes pearshaped.
[21:52] matociquala: Get the fuck into the 21st century.
[21:52] matociquala: Love, Bear
[21:53] katallen: but she's oooooooooold
[21:53] matociquala: And a minute ago she was taking his ass to court.
[21:54] katallen: ::sits on hands::
[21:54] matociquala: Have you noticed that all evil aliens have crunching necks?
[21:56] matociquala: In case you didn't notice that was a T.S. Eliot quote, we'll tell you.
[21:56] katallen: now you mention it
[21:57] matociquala: "Who are you to find fault?"
[21:57] matociquala: "I'm the MARY SUEEEEEEEE"
[21:57] matociquala: Look, he yells Run again.
[21:57] matociquala: useful instruction.
[21:57] katallen: but note that almost no one obeys
[21:58] katallen: maybe the mere presence of a Timelord has a paralysing effect
[21:59] matociquala: NEVER FEAR! SMITH IS HERE!
[21:59] matociquala: ...sorry
[21:59] matociquala: could we at least steal from good movies?
[22:03] matociquala: "I heard the explosion. I guessed it was you."
[22:03] matociquala: Mom, you suck.

[22:06] matociquala: Okay, it's back to being lame.

[22:14] katallen: no... twas Beethoven killed the beast
[22:14] matociquala: oh,. look at the lame crucifixion symbolism
[22:14] matociquala: LOL

...nothing like watching TV with your friends
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