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Did I mention I made fried rice tonight, and it was awesome?

I used leftover jasmine rice, leftover pork chops, leftover steak, a couple of slices of ham, one scrambled egg, half a red onion, and some frozen peas-and-corn-and-carrots.

Heated a couple of tablespoons of olive oil seasoned with "Mongolian Fire Oil" and a little sesame oil in a big pan. Simmered a fistful of grated garlic and ginger in it, then sauteed the onion therein. Added the rest of the stuff in a logically appropriate order, and seasoned it with five-spice powder and Kikoman's Lite soy sauce. Not greasy, slightly spicy, and strongly gingery. Oh, yum.

Died and went to heaven. There's a pile of it left. Come on over!

Why yes. I do cook from medieval recipes sometimes. Why do you ask? *g*

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