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Book report #38: Barbara Hambly, Dead Water

The eighth and (possibly?) final Benjamin January mystery, and one of the better ones. I'd been underwhelmed by a couple of the mid-series offerings, but this one represents a return to form. Ben's bit of knowledge that provides the eventual solution to the mystery might represent a bit too much of a coincidence, but I'm willing to forgive it because the book's secondary mystery is much more compelling.

And I was quite smug with myself for figuring it out as early as I did.

Well-written*, well-characterized, well-researched, and entertaining. I did miss Abishag Shaw, however. He's been absent far too much, of late, although additional Hannibal is always welcome. (Lately, he's becoming Hannibal The Boy Murder Suspect a bit much, though.)

*although she does violate the global ban on "was violently sick."
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