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bear by san

March 2017



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muppetology need bears fozzie & kermit

via angevin2

In Soviet Russia, Bears Visit You.


I'm sorry, hon, but in this country I am not visiting Bear this year. So it's not as good a Soviet Russia construction as it could be, from my point of view.

Unless World Fantasy counts. It's, y'know, east. And you're east. That's practically the same, right?
World Fantasy totally counts. It's practically on my couch.
That'll be comfy, then.
That was way Cute!
Thank you :)
at their summer home in norway?

I love the way Vinni's feet are not attached, so much.
That's one of my favorite things about it. He just sort of floats. ;)
Finland? (At least if my memory of the presence of the Gulf of Finland as the water beyond the Moomin Valley on the maps is correct.)
Yes, Finland. :)
I LOFF this!! Thanks for sharing! :D
Now all I need are the rest of them... haycorns and pooh sticks and bees, oh my! (Plus, the inevitable "Vinny" associations are really too delightfully bizarre...)

But I don't think they should have cheated and let him out after one sneeze. That had a whiff of Disney about it.

(And yay Moomins!!!)
Nostalgia and culture shock, all in one package! (Just nostalgia if I ignore the subtitles; they make it all so... Foreign.)
My thoughts exactly.

*loves being brought-up Russian*
It was massively better than Disney.

And Rabbit was the total beat rabbit. I kept expecting Piglet to start snapping.
This being the Winnie of my Soviet childhood, I've never learnt to see the Disney characters as anything but impostors. :)
Ne tol'ko dlya vam. Tozhe smotrel i spominal detstvo. Ah, radusnaya russkaya detstvo. Skol'ko ya znayu, v angliskom versii takie veseliye pesni ne uslishesh.
Wow!! Thank you for the flash-back to my Soviet childhood! I think I'll have to find "Noo Pogadi!" (like "Tom & Jerry" but with a rabbit and wolf) somewhere.