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[11:27] tanaise: Incidentally, I'm planning to write a book called "Yoga With Breasts."
[11:27] matociquala: hee
[11:27] matociquala: and thighs.
[11:27] matociquala: don't forget the thighs
[11:27] tanaise: In which we learn poses that can be done with you know, extra flesh in the way.
[11:27] matociquala: Yes.
[11:28] matociquala: I am going to try plow pose today
[11:28] matociquala: I haven't been able to do it since I got heavy.
[11:28] matociquala: Pray for me.
[11:28] tanaise: Since my hips are also interfering with sideways bending at the waist positions.
[11:28] tanaise: make sure you've got a sports bra on!
[11:28] matociquala: I might suffocate!
[11:28] tanaise: or you'll suffocate and be found that way weeks later
[11:28] tanaise: and while it would end up on a CSI,
[11:28] matociquala: And they'll class it as autoerotic asphyxiation
[11:29] tanaise: "She must have been doing it for fun!"
Tags: chatroom transcripts, project: less-of-me, yoga for fat girls, yoga with boobs

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