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FIC: Mark of the Beast

Because apparently I am full of plotbunnies today.

Title: Mark of the Beast*
Author: matociquala
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Rating: FRE
Genre: Gen
Pairing: No.
Spoilers: Well, sort of. It won't make any sense if you haven't seen That Episode.
Disclaimer: Not for profit, strictly for entertainment, and completely and totally not mine.
Acks: Thanks to cpolk and truepenny
Summary: A 250-word vignette: One thing that never happened to Spencer Reid.

"I have to. You don't understand. It's what God wants."

Reid, looking down the barrel of the gun, stilled himself.

His hands hung motionless. His face was occupied by a luminous peace. Morgan could imagine he wasn't breathing.

"No," Reid said. "I know what God wants. He laid me low, and he took me through Hell. And when we had harrowed Hell, he brought me back.

"And he left me here."

A pause. "God--"

"I am God's will. You don't stand a chance."

Morgan's hands shook in reaction to the absolute conviction in Reid's voice, and he wasn't a disorganized psychotic suffering under religious delusions.

The gun wavered.

Morgan moved.

Ten seconds later, they were safe, the UnSub prone in cuffs. Reid crouched down to look under the sofa for the weapon. Morgan kept pressure on the UnSub's hands and looked over his head to ask: "Reid, what was that?"

The gun was in Reid's hand. An automatic, a Glock 19. He weighed it, turned it so the grip fell into his palm. There's no external safety on a Glock, and Morgan watched as Reid released the magazine, caught it in his left hand, and manually worked the slide to clear the chamber.

An unfired cartridge popped free, and rolled to rest against Morgan's knee. He picked it up. "Reid."

Reid pocketed the magazine and the empty pistol, its slide locked back. He met Morgan's stare and smiled.

"Psychology," he said.

*In poker, three sixes

Tags: fanfiction, geeks with guns
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