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"This morning, I decided to save your life."

I seem to have the entirety of CM fandom referring to Hotch as "Mom."

Even in forums I don't post on.

Me for the win!

It only took two nervous breakdowns and an officer-involved shooting.... I guess Mom and Dad are following up on their realization that maybe they haven't always been the most supportive of parents.

What's he whistling? ETA: OMG It's SWEENEY TODD.

Okay,  "This isn't a hospital." That was about when I realized we were seriously in for it this episode. That was a merciless line. And the unsub tenderly placing his victims' glasses on his face.

And the film, and Chaplin. My Fandom Is Somewhat Incongruous.

"What's this?"
"It's genius."

The set dressing in Gideon's office is a thing of beauty.

And apparently, the characters have reverted to the actors' actual ages, more or less.

And I love Amiable Stumbling OCD cop. Why can't JJ flirt with Amiable Stumbling OCD cop? (Why can't you be more like your brother?)

Listen to the cop, Jaje. Cop knows his turf..

Oh, and hello. Ashes on the letter. Gee, I wonder what those came from.

JJ is on it. But that's because JJ is love.

Reid's in his misshapen professor cardigan.

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH GIDEON. I mean, they might as well run a chyron across the bottom of the screen. He's sitting on the sofa fiddling reading a newspaper while Rome burns people are dying. Gideon does not want there to be a problem. If the sitting in the dark watching Chaplin movies wasn't a big enough clue that he's close to the edge.

"He too-took my book." Another bystander crushed under the Hotchalanche.

Nice Melville quote.

Oh, and Prentiss running interference for Hotch the way Hotch runs interference for Gideon. Oh, HO.

This is one of the episodes where the team's life intersects that of other people, and it's the other people who are our focus. I actually like these episodes a lot.

"S'a fast plane."
Yeah, it can get anywhere in the US in under 43 minutes. ;-)

And Hotch praising JJ is love.

Morgan, do not shut down the genius when he's saying stammering something relevant. Man, Reid looks so sad and flinchy throughout this ep, every time somebody shuts him down. He does that little embarrassed mouth thing he had stopped doing.

He may be making an effort to look better and seem normal, but all that fragile confidence got knocked right out of him. All the selfconsciousness and Oh god did I just say that? is back. Apparently, he's carrying Prentiss' hoof in mouth disease this episode.

Shallow: I love Paget Brewster's nose.

Good, Morgan. Shut the kid down and then use him for his eidetic memory.

And in the scene where the hooker gets picked up, she says "In this?" Hello. Yes, the clue.

The thing with Garcia's helplessness in the face of people who are off the grid is beautiful. And manages to be social commentary without being heavyhanded.

And the victim's first assumption is that she did something to herself.

Refrain for this ep: It's not fair. And yeah. Nothing in her life has ever been fair.

Hotch gets that. McGee gets that. Bad Cop does not.

AND the foreshadowing with the foot. Ow.

I love OCD cop. I believe they're making fun of "Monk." Yay.

And we find out, injury by injury, why the first victim we saw looked so terrible.

"Oh my god." Yeah.

Yeah, honey. SO RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. I am hard to squick. But a faceplant into a room full of broken glass. ohgod.

"I cut myself."
"Will somebody please help me?"
She takes responsibility, over and over again, for what happens. And asks for help. And there is no help forthcoming.
Nobody cares.
You're not in the system.

I love my show.

Other refrain: "That's not exactly what we/he said."

Oh, the cop of the week is a good cop. Perhaps my favorite cop ever ever.

And the victim is a brave victim.

AND Gideon comes in to shoo everybody back to their real work, and with one sentence, Morgan sends him into hyperventilation mode. You can *see* his chest start heaving. He really, really wants this not to be their problem, and that's not like him.

AND the captain really really wants it not to be his problem, either. But he's a worse cop than Gideon is. Because Gideon can swallow his fear and get to work.

Boy, the captain really has a somebody else's problem field around McGee and Skid Row both.

HOTCH IS LOVE. "Sir, I have some experience in this field. And I believe you are a fucking asshole. Now let me tell you, in the most polite and nonconfrontational manner possible, just why you deserve to BURN IN HELL."

Did I mention, Hotch is love? If you had told me two years ago that I would be passionately advocating a presidential-tie-wearing by-the-book rules lawyer of a guy who happens to be fictional, I would so have laughed at you.

But Hotch is Lawful Good. The right way.

"It's my job to care about them." You are such a good cop, McGee. I hope we see you again.

McGee, like Elle, lost his father in the line of duty.

And JJ makes it a Federal case. Literally. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

"And why would you do that?"
"Because we're not worried about promotions from local elected officials."

Another film projector. Hello, parallel structure.
And another saw.
We're into saws, this season.

And the victim tries to personalize.

"What is the legacy of a whore?"
Gee, um. What is the legacy of a serial killer? (Well, besides the inherited slaughterhouse.) What is the legacy of a good cop? What is the lagacy of a murdered father?

What is the legacy of a couple of senior BAU agents who haven't prepared their team to deal with the emotional stresses of the job?

Best three out of five wins it.

That's why they have multiple Gulfstreams. So they can arrive in WAVES.

Speaking of waves, there's a dorky one! And Prentiss gets in a hesitant little nod.

"Just out of an abundance of preparedness, yeah." Oh, the Reid snark is love. And he does the embarrassed grimace again.

The actress playing the victim is really quite good. She is not a nice person, and she's somebody that society would tell you is to be despised--a disposable person. But she keeps saying "It's not fair!" And fighting. And caring about her kid.
And that humanizes her.
"Dear America: Hookers and street people are human beings too. Love, the F.B.I."

And this time, the Good Guy who parallels the Bad Guy is not one of Our Guys, but the sweet OCD cop of the week.
And he knows it, too.

Footwork montage. You notice all the street people are happy to see McGee? And they run from his boss. And Gideon watches, and does the thing with his mouth.

Reid being molested by hookers is love. Boy, MGG can actually act.

Garcia still has nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing.

Yup. I'm with Prentiss. Morgan's a good guy. Adorable scene.

Holy, I covet Emily's trenchcoat.

"He's no Charlie Chaplin."
Actually, Hotch, he is. Exactly. He's making the world better, just like Charlie.
Just like you guys.

"You think they all got houses and jobs." Hotch <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3



Hotch shouting "Morgan! Morgan!" sounds peculiarly like Morgan shouting "Reid! Reid!" So yeah, we all have our moments of stupid bravery, and the team is never quite there in time to stop them....

Ed Bernero, cat person. Okay, running from attack dogs does not work.

The body parts do not hurt my heart the way the glass did, though. I tell ya.

Ow. Stairs. Everything is a trap.

Another pair of Converse All-Stars, the Official Shoe of Criminal Minds.

That is not a real sunrise.

Oh god, the shoes are the trophies. Eee. All lined up in neat obsessive rows.

Not fair.

Bad Cop is thick as a post.
I swear, nobody will ever believe that I wrote that fanfic before seeing this episode. The parallels are creepy.
Except that interrogration technique works when the real Hotch tries it. *g* (As opposed to my fake not-Gideon.) It even has the instructional tapes.

This is a really good Hotch episode.
"I should be getting some kind of award..."
Yeah. The BAU and McGee do not care about the awards or the credit for the collar. The Bad Cops and the UnSubs do.

"This morning, I decided to save your life." That one deserves to be an icon quote.

Oh, and again, Hotch talks to Stephen, and McGee hears the words pointed at himself. I love this show.

Oh, God, I swear Hotch is talking about his abuser here. Because he almost loses it when he says "I can... promise you--"

Hotch got OUT THAT DOOR before McGee did, and McGee was between him and the door. Hotchalanche!

I think we have to split that shoot four ways (McGee/Hotch/Morgan/Prentiss), but McGee got the first bullet in him. GO SWEET OCD COP! He's adorable.

Yes, Hotch. It's not about her face. It's about pulling the mask off the monster, deromanticizing him, making him human and small. Get with the program, here!

Refrain! "I won!" Drink!

That's right, honey. You're here. He's not. You get to see your daughter. You get to go home.

And the Good Cop wins some respect.

And the blur from the lights to the projector is lovely. Good job.

Reid is just fascinated by Charlie Chaplin. Even pretty girls throwing popcorn in his hair can't distact him. And Morgan and Garcia are love.

Alas, I fear my beloved greenscreen and Spencer!Cam may be lost to us forever. SO SAD.

And just to prove that it's all about the context one brings, everybody else is quoting Saw, and here I am thinking, wow, this is a bit like several epeisodes of The Avengers. Only with more mutilation.

More tomorrow, of course. *g*

P.S. Criminal Minds parodying movies is love. (Although "Somebody's Watching" is still the winner, for the movie parody eps, because nothing will EVER BEAT REID LECTURING THE CHICK ON TRANSFERRENCE WHILE SHE'S TRYING TO SEDUCE HIM.)

"Just look at me, please!" Now there is a thematic statement for the whole damned episode.

Oh, God, this opening does not get any easier to watch.

You know, the cuts from lights to film projector are beautiful.

Gideon looks sad even when he's laughing. "That's the family story and we're sticking to it." Charlie Chaplin, of course, being the legacy that Gideon's grandfather left him. (Look, another layered episode title. Legacies galore. And a mention of Hotch's legacy of abuse later on. And Steven's family "has always worked for" Charles's.

(Nothing on Reid's unhappy legacy, alas. But really, how would you cram in one more?)

The legacy of Maggie to her daughter, though. And, interestingly, there's a parallel/disconnect. Maggie never got anything from anyone except abuse. And Charles inherited money, and he uses it for torture and exploitation of the weak.


My TV Show is breeding Bolsheviks.

That thing again, where any time any of them tells a bit of backstory, it's deeply revealing of character.

"That's the family story and we're sticking to it." *loff*
I could watch Mandy act for hours.

Detective McGee just gets better with exposure. "Less of, of them."
Us and them, much? Nice and subtle, though.
Oh, honest gingery-haired cop. I love you.
"At least 63 people."
Yeah, nobody will ever know how many it actually was. That incinerator, after all.

Oh, and the hesitation when honest cop lies. He sucks at it.
Hah! And Hotch catches the OCD in UNDER THIRTY SECONDS, while listening to Reid and reading McGee's handwriting.
Hotch, your eyebrows are also love.

Gideon is reading the financial pages? Okay, something is seriously wrong.
Garcia with a lime green pen!
Gideon's wearing his charcoal and black striped shirt. And a not-too-bad sweater. Is this the right TV show?

And now Reid gets the OCD. And the significant glance at Morgan.
It's like watching Napoleon and Illya, sometimes.
Best Melville quote evar.

JJ second-guesses herself and Hotch shores her up. GO MOM!
Oh Reid, get some sleep.
Nice fade from Morgan "we pray no one else gets hurt in the meantime" to Maggie stumbling down the street. Of course, people get hurt every day.

Oh, Maggie. What a way to detox.

The thing with the red doors is just cruel.

JJ is looking less ruffled. /shallow.

Oh sweetie. Ow. Ow.
Of course, that's pretty much her life, isn't it? Hello metaphor made concrete. I bet the unsub is blind to the irony....
He doesn't understand that his victims can feel pain.

"Doesn't mean he can't be a good cop."

"What problem?"

McGee watching Hotch through the window is lovely.

And Hotch goes from appeasing to IN CONTROL is five seconds flat. Because Hotch is THE MAN.

Hotch glower! Drink!

Oh, and the light in McGee's face when the team arrives. Beautiful.
The cavalry is here!

Of course, when Morgan says, "Fixing what's wrong with the world," there's another broken parallel. Our guys can't fix it. They can just fight the darkness back.
Hah! Morgan: "If he does have a relationship--" Just as we see the unsub watching Maggie, and they play the trick on her that would really require two people to be present.

The door is closed. "It's not fair." Your concrete metaphors are getting really concrete.

Footwork montage!

"Help the homeless help themselves." Oh, the irony.

And no matter how hard Maggie fights, she's being herded to her destruction. Because it's not fair.
The game is rigged.

I bet Ed Bernero was a pretty good cop.

Just let him dig his grave. Oh yes.
"It was his fault. It wasn't me."
Contrast that with Maggie.

Hotch can save you, Steven.

"Let me do my job!"
Refrain! Drink!

And Prentiss says "It's okay. It's okay." Like Gideon to Johnny. And the same thing she said to JJ in Revelations. "Look at me."

You were right, McGee. How does it feel?

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