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and the night comes again to the circle-studded sky.....

Jerri Truehill was interviewed on NPR this morning.

In the early 1960s, before men walked on the moon and before John Glenn orbited the Earth, a small group of female pilots underwent secret testing for spaceflight.

They became known as the Mercury 13. They passed the same punishing tests as men but never flew in space. One of those women was Jerri Truhill, who first flew with her father at the age of 4.

There is thunder, and it's raining. I guess I should get dressed and put in my contacts and practice guitar until it's time to meet ashacat at the gym.

Another "official" (as official as we get, which is not very) round of novel_in_90 is starting on June 1. I'll be participating--I have to get All the Windwracked Stars written, and it's as good a time to start as any.


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