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Bond movies are just wasted on me.

[14:46] matociquala: this chase scene has gone on entirely too long
[14:46] matociquala: bored now
[14:47] katallen: o.o
[14:47] matociquala: (casino royale)
[14:48] tanaise: yeah.
[14:48] tanaise: but amuse yourself by noticing how inflamable jet fuel is.
[14:48] katallen: the airport chase?
[14:49] matociquala: Heh
[14:49] matociquala: thank God, something blew up
[14:49] tanaise: eventually.
[14:50] tanaise: no wonder people believe 9/11 was a hoax, given the lack of explosions in the airport scene there.
[14:50] matociquala: all that, and our only reward is a nearly naked blonde
[14:51] matociquala: (this was only the first chase scene)
[14:51] tanaise: oh, well, there will be more intermitable ones.
[14:51] matociquala: i should have fetched liquor
[14:51] tanaise: (I am biased against it, above and beyond the lack of Pierce.  Or gay sex.)
[14:52] katallen: there was a nearly naked blonde?
[14:52] matociquala: ahhh, Judi Dench.
[14:52] matociquala: "Christ I miss the cold war."
[15:14] matociquala: I am amused by a movie in which all the bad guys are better looking than Bond
[15:15] tanaise: That's because it has my favorite boy in it!
[15:15] tanaise: (of course now I can't remember who he is.
[15:15] tanaise: oh, Mads.)
[15:16] matociquala: M's boytoy is amusing
[15:17] matociquala: ah, now we're at the interminable airport chase
[15:17] tanaise: notice how nothing catches fire.
[15:20] matociquala: Okay, the bullfight with the jet fuel tanker was pretty amusing.
[15:20] tanaise: yet not explosive.
[15:21] matociquala: COW!
[15:22] matociquala: (sorry, that was the flying cop car)
[15:24] matociquala: Why do the bad guys always have time to realize their tragic error?
[15:25] katallen: so the slower members of the audience will?
[15:25] matociquala: hee
[15:26] matociquala: HAH! She had him microchipped.
[15:26] matociquala: Okay, it's a much better movie all of a sudden
[15:33] matociquala: "How was the lamb?" "Skewered. One sympathizes."

[15:40] matociquala: Texas Hold 'em does have in its favor that it's an even stupider game than baccarat
[15:41] tanaise: They really should have played the game in Last Call.
[15:41] matociquala: Maybe some Three-Cornered Pitney

[15:56] matociquala: the shower scene is really nice though.
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