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I'm a bottle of diet poison. You're an abacus.

Well, I just signed my name approximately five hundred times, and managed to resist drawing any little bunny ears on the pre-existing signatures of greygirlbeast, liviallewellyn, or Mike Resnick.

Oh, the glamour.

Remaining tasks for the week:

Do laundry
Go to the gym 3x
Go to the bank, the post office, and the UPS store
Pack for WisCon
The usual guitar and math practice
Mom's birthday (observed)

And I have decided that it is time to start working on All the Windwracked Stars tonight, because I cannot stand my sluglike self another minute.

Gotta justify my existence somehow, right?

elfshot and I went geocaching today. We found one cache, failed to locate another, and observed a red-tailed hawk sitting in a telephone pole downslope from a trail, at eye level and about fifteen feet away. He sat there and preened and fluffed and watched us back for a good ten minutes.

ETA: And as promised, a pic:

Tags: billion-$ satellites to find tupperware, honeydew, quinnehtukqut, quotidiana, the glamour!
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