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Progress notes for 14 May 2007

All the Windwracked Stars

New Words:  800
Total Words: 15,948
Words for the Year: 122,780
Deadline: November 1
Reason for stopping: quota

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
15,948 / 100,000

Today's words Word don't know:  lightless, puddling, Midgard, unslung, scabbarded, baldric, mailshirt, spined, slickness, thewed, brindled, rinded, Niflheim, unstirring, shoggoth, Technomancer, englobe, arcologies, holdfast, kroner, runneled, cowled, riven, musky, untrippingly, undercity, arcology, sorcerous, geas, flechette, snugged, wyrd, gridded, gorgeousness, vampiric, bonelessly, keloid,
Darling du Jour: There are no darlings now.
Mean Things: Crushed hand, bad water pressure, too much zucchini.
Tyop du Jour: corspes

The damned book is sprouting secondary characters. But I know what the next two scenes are, which is something. One is an old scene rewritten, and one is a new scene entirely.

The Internet is full of Things:  I am informed that New Amsterdam will ship either by this weekend, or early next week. I am likewise informed that there are only thirty copies of the limited edition left, so if you want one, now would be the time to pre-order.
Miles to Rivendell: 255.2. I've come out of the marshes and the land is beginning to rise up to the hills.
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