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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

remember me to one who lives there

Guess who made it all the way through the Hal Leonard beginner guitar book today?

Okay, I mean, I'm not *good* at all of it. But hey. It's a start.

Also, I want pho. But I do not want to walk to the Vietnamese place.

Will somebody run down to the corner and pick some up for me?



Guess it's that pork chop, after all.


Oh, damn, you had to rekindle my Pho craving.

*shakes fist ineffectually*
You have pho in walking distance. And you don't want to walk.

Some of us, I hope you realise, have to make our own pho. Which is fun to do, actually, but not the same.

Please not to expect paeans of praise from this quarter, for your undoubted accomplishments; we're too busy sulking, in a moderately useless fashion, over a perceived unfairness that we and you are powerless to rectify. I think it's human nature.
I live in a great neighborhood.

Come visit.
Had I not been in the bath when you posted this, I would cheerfully have walked to get pho if you paid for some for me as well.

Mmm, pho.

We should meet up for lunch sometime.
Which Pho place is around the corner from you? I used to love Pho Tuong Lai (probably mispelling) which was this little mom and pop hole in the wall place on park road with ugly paper tablecloths and plastic chopsticks sitting out on the tables and the freshest of fresh ingredients. I always fantasized about ordering a half dozen summer rolls and nothing else, but I could never resist some Pho or perhaps a Banh Xeo.

They closed that place up and moved to new park ave. a couple years ago but I've never been to the new one. The big one down on Shield street that I just saw in the Advocate as "Best Vietnamese" is kind of "eh" in my opinion. The asian supermarket down there, OTOH -- way cool.

This is what sucks about living in deep suburbia (Berlin). No Pho within 15 miles. God, I can't wait to be in westville in 2 weeks.
There are two pho places on Park near Lena's. One is adequate. One is really good.