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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

if you want me to follow you know i'll fly

Contest thingy:

ABE is giving away a signed copy of the LE of New Amsterdam to somebody who fills out their poll. 

If you wanted to see if you could get one for free...


Would if I actually visited the forums there but I'm afraid to look for fear of more of my time being sucked in by the internet...
At this point, I just take it as a given that all of my time will be sucked up by the internet; the question now is simply how.
*sigh* Contest entry is only open to residents of the U.S.
Yeah. I filled everything in, foolishly *before* checking contest rules... doh! ;) Sucks being from London (sometimes), when lots of cool book-stuff happens in the US. *sigh* I will have to dig deep into my meagre not-yet-a-Librarian's salary and buy the book before they run out. Looks fabulous!
Well, boo. Foolish contest.
thanks for the link; contest entered, even though I haven't actually read anything in the forums...
Did I see correctly that New Amsterdam is being turned into a television series?
Alas. That's something different with the same title.

It would be nice if it was, though. The presumptuous cat presumes she would like a better brand of cat food.
Filled out the survey, though I was a little bemused at one part of the rules. Was I misreading, or are they really going to insist on a math test of the possible winner(s) before awarding the prize?
I didn't get any math test, but I did get asked which of Bear's books was nominated for the Phillip K. Dick award. I suspect it's a means of making sure there's a real person filling out the form.

It was listed in the official rules:

"16. The winner will be the one whose name is selected at random from eligible entries and who within seven (7) calendar days after the draw: (a) correctly answers, unaided by any other person, computer or calculator, mathematical, skill-testing question administered via e-mail; and (b) otherwise complies with these Official Rules."

Oh, well. I'm out, then. *g*
I wouldn't worry about it. The question will be along the lines of:

What is 2+2?
a) 0
b) -20
c) 4 <- pick this one!
d) 10^10

They have to administer a skill-based test so that it's legally not a lottery. It doesn't, however, legally have to test a particularly _high_ level of skill.
Free is good, as they were all sold out before I could order one. I have one of the "ordinary" copies on preorder, anyway, but the "extra special" version would be really cool.