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bear by san

March 2017



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criminal minds garcia girls who wear gla

one toke over the line, sweet jesus.

Okay. This? Is total crack.

I accidentally got the crocodile addicted to Thorazine first time through.



I played that several times back when I worked at American Psychological Association. I almost convinced the boss it was work related.

(I still kinda want a Kroko plushie...)
Such fun. And then I discovered the electroshock machine under the bed....
Yes, total crack! I am greatly amused

Okay - That was Strange

WisCon in 10 Days (smiles)
Poor little guys...

Now if they made a version of this for consoles, I'd be all over it... :)
So here I am going to bed an hour late, and it's All Your Fault!

At least I cured all of my patients...
What, it only takes two shots to send him over the edge?

And I was making real progress with the hippo until I let him bonk himself on the head with that silly wooden toy.
Two hours, two cured, and now I'm gonna have to look for that electroshock therapy tomorrow because this game isn't as much fun without the sound on and someone's trying to sleep nearby. Darn it. However, for all of us who've been through therapy, this is excellent fun.
I did it. I cured all four- of course I made the croc catatonic for a bit. Have to send this to my psychologist sister. But I couldn't get amy sound. sigh.
Eeeee! So fun!

I had to electroshock the hippo 3 times. But I got them all checked out in the end.
It's kind of nice to put all that practical knowledge to work for something other than psychoanalyzing the characters on Criminal Minds, isn't it?
Wait until you show the sheep the mirror.

That's one self-destructive piece of mutton.
ps missed you.
I stayed up too late last night doing this, but I cured all four. I found the electroshock but was too scared to use it more than the once. All four can actually be cured without it. One annoying little bit is that sometimes, even if an option is crossed out, doing it again will do something different.