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Well, this is pretty nice right here.

From Library Journal:

Bear, Elizabeth. New Amsterdam. Subterranean . May 2007. c.267p. ISBN 978-1-59606-106-4. $25. FANTASY

Abigail Irene Garrett, a woman past her youth but not beyond the occasional scandal, works as a forensic sorceress and an officer of the Crown. Sebastien de Ulloa has seen more than 900 years and has nothing left to live for. When Abigail and Sebastien find themselves in the New World, one in which the magic of the Iroquois prevents the American Colonies from expanding, they become the young land's best hope for justice. The hardcover debut by the author of the Promethean Age novels (Blood and Iron; Whiskey and Water) pairs two unlikely souls as compatriots in a new series that takes place in an alternate America. Sparkling with wry humor and precise period detail, this belongs in most fantasy collections.

There are some more overly flattering quotes over on the Subpress blog.

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