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The Devil looks an awful lot like Leonardo DiCaprio

Are you surprised?

You know, I'm not really surprised, either.


Wordcount: 1283
Reason for stopping: I just can't do any better than that last image tonight. Besides, I used the word "candent" in a sentence, and I think I should quit while I'm ahead.


Finished In Search of Shakespeare. Excellent resource. It means much rewriting. Next book: Elizabeth's London.

What is good about using multiple sources (and as many primary sources as possible) is that people who are familiar with your topic (who are, in theory, your target audience) will not find your fiction tiresomely limited to the ideas and facts presented in one or two sources with which they are probably already familiar.

I refer to this as Patricia Corwell syndrome: I studied some forensic science, back in the day, and I had to quit reading her mysteries after i realized I could name the single popular-science source from which she had drawn the inspiration for each of her books.

On the other hand, she did just get an eight-figure advance, so I imagine she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Edgar: The Prince of darkenes is a Gentleman

--William Shakespeare, King Lear, Act III, scene iv

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