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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

we're so sorry, uncle albert, but we haven't done a bloody thing all day.

Progress notes for 15 May 2007

All the Windwracked Stars

New Words:  1,100
Total Words: 17,048
Words for the Year: 123,880
Deadline: November 1
Reason for stopping: quota, errands

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,048 / 100,000

Today's words Word don't know:  moreso, wreakings, technomantic, libraried,
Darling du Jour: 

It had been given her by a dying man in a railroad town, when there were railroads, when they needed towns. She was tired, she thought, of dying. Dying people, and things, and ways of life.

Dead tired.

Mean Things:
flashbacks, hand still broken, sleeping on slate floors, ancient heartbreak.
Tyop du Jour: who couldn't be a real person, not quite, because she never got any alder

So, an interesting thing is that I am using pieces of the old book (this is a ground-up rewrite of my very first finished novel that wasn't juvenilia) but I'm not, exactly. I mean, there are no places where I am cutting and pasting text. What I am doing is taking scenes from the original draft, pasting them into a work file, and typing over them.

And sometimes I find a felicitous turn of phrase that I'm keeping. "There is still the matter of the widow," for example. And "old-iron voice." And the description of Mingan in the alley hasn't changed much, though the fight scene that surrounds it is totally different.

But more often not.

And things are happening very differently this time. For one thing, I have four more POVs on this rewrite than in the original book. (It was first-person single narrator. Yanno, I keep trying to do that? And almost universally, it winds up being a mistake. Apparently, I can only do successful single narrator at novel length while writing with truepenny.

Otherwise, my normal level of opacity becomes retripled.

So tonight or tomorrow, I have to write a scene with the Kitten With The Whip playing detective, while The Less-Fallen Angel naps. (There's a Really Really REALLY Fallen Angel, a Sort Of Fairly Seriously Fallen Angel, and a Less-Fallen Angel. And also an Angel who has not fallen at all, but who has turned into a steam locomotive with wings and teeth. Some of you might have read that story.) 

And then, when I am done with that, I need to figure out if I am going to handle this enormous chunk of backstory exposition as a flashback, as a series of Muire's historical journals, or as something else.

If I do it as a flashback, I also need to figure out a graceful way to get into it. Perhaps I shall just make it a chapter. Perhaps we can have flashback chapters scattered throughout the book.

Transitions are for sissies.

Fortunately, these are problems either for tomorrow or tonight, as it is now Time To Go To The Bank. And The Post Office.

And get pho.

Of course, it looks like it might rain. But I need the exercise.
And it'll be a good excuse to call my mom while I am out walking.

Miles to Rivendell: 250.2, or will be after I get back from the errands.


Transitions are for sissies.

Too right! If an author doesn't make me work, I'm not going to read their next one. (See also my mini-rant about The Prestige.) I blame the author of Blood & Iron, frankly. That book spoiled me.

Please, share your mini-rant about The Prestige.

"What a waste of time."

The Prestige, by Christopher Priest.

I figured out every single one of the twists, even the last one; I got the first one as soon as the first hint was dropped, and I spent the whole book going, "Naw. Can't be that easy." I suppose that the whole "nothing up my sleeves" gag is also true of Mr. Priest. How very postmodern of him. Oh wait! I hate postmodernism!

Then I went to moviepooper.com to see how much Hollywood dumbed it down. Whoa nelly. I have a feeling that not even Hugh Jackman can make that movie worth my while. I shan't so much as put it on my Netflix queue.

Then I went over to Making Light to complain some more. Here's what I figured out after reading somebody else's comment:
"Aha!! Bingo! When you say, "It's magic as hollow trickery, as deception--ultimately, as self-deception," that's why I didn't like it. The book is about hollow trickery, expressed by means of hollow trickery. The form and the substance are the same, and that's what's wrong with it."

Re: "What a waste of time."

*g* The movie has David Bowie in it.

I mean, it's predictable.

But it DOES have David Bowie in it.

Re: "What a waste of time."

Yeah, but if the presence of Hugh Jackman doesn't make me wanna see it...besides, how much screen time does Bowie actually have? Tesla's not in the book for very long at all.

Re: "What a waste of time."

Oh, he's got several fairly long scenes.

Re: "What a waste of time."

All the more reason to watch it when it comes on basic cable, then!
Huzzah for flashback chapters! Not that I'm planning on having a few or anything. (And possibly some interludey things that are deliberately floating aimlessly in time. Tiresias doesn't know what year it is or what order things are happening in; why should the reader?)

I did a rewrite of the sort you describe once, though with less downtime in between -- I think I took a few months off to rewrite a different book (less radically), then went back. I knew my first draft sucked donkey balls, and wanted to reassure my original idea that I still loved it and cared about it and wanted to excavate it from the train wreck it had ended up in.
This is exactly the process by which The Shadow of the Mirador turned into Mélusine and The Virtu.

Or, in other words, I FEEL YOUR PAIN.
People who don't get any alder or any ash are totally not real people. Where else do people come from, originally?


some of them get licked into shape by primordial cows.

Re: mu

Are gods people?

Re: mu

They're not not people....
Thank you for process posting about this. I find it reassuring, since I suspect I may have to do the same thing myself eventually. And I really don't want to have to trunk the first novel forever.
Decide in five or ten books if the ideas are still cool enough to be worth revising. *g* There's time!