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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

verses. coiled again. ***

So, having carried out my errands, I took a little detour on the way home, to stop by the good pho place and fortify myself with some pho. (Real pho, even.)

It was closed.

I had just walked five miles in the heat (the sun was only out for the period of time when I was walking: it's gone away again) and thus, I sulked. And did not cross the street to the mediocre pho place, where I could have gotten surreal pho.

Because I was sulking.

I walked home instead.**

And so, in a fit of self-loathing, I bought myself a pomegranate slurpee.*

*I think this should become a catch phrase.

**And now I have to do laundry. The universe hates me.

***Write your own shaggy dog story to go with this punchline. What? I did the hard part!


well, pho-oey!
where I could have gotten surreal pho.

Surreal pho? Or faux pho? You be the judge!
No, faux pho is when you take a can of beef stock and dump it over your spaghetti.
Around these parts, we make our faux pho with ramen.

Oh, no, no pho... woe...
I, for one, am deeply conflicted about the pomegranate's rise to popularity. On the one hand, I love 'em, and am glad that other folks are discovering them.

On the other, it's like this cool indie band or obscure author that I really like has hit the big time, and it's not novel or special to be "in the know" or whatever.

Christmas mornings when I was a kid, some of the biggest smiles were when my family members would each pull a big, perfectly-ripe pomegranate out of our stocking and not have to share it, because everyone else got one, too. We were like a little Christmas Pomegranate Club, or something.

Now the fun fruit's gone and got all famous.
Well, fear not. The pomegranate slurpee is a nasty-ass thing.

I'm happy I can buy pomegranate juice at the store now, I must say.
I am amused (in a wryly ironic way) to note that although they are popular, this has not made pomegranates any less expensive.

In the marzipan fruit category, I consider the pomegranate the pinnacle of my achievements (a few pics of apples and pears here, no pomes yet: http://pics.livejournal.com/pixel39/gallery/00006ysf)
Lewis Carroll already wrote verses, coiled again.

Did I say copy somebody else's work? *g*
A bit of pomegranate sorbet is something to commit acts of crime for. Heavenly.

I love pho. There are many good pho places in Maine. All legit tho. So pha, no faux pho.
Fuck. Sorry. Wrong Icon. Hope it doesn't offend anyone. Sheesh. Noob.
I'm sorry.

Offend anyone?

You're right. I forgot where I was. Then, I thought I was Harlan Ellison for a second.
Is there a list of dildo's and dildon'ts for this blog?

Re: (this was bound to happen again sooner or later)


Re: There is no dog in this. I should try to work one in.



Re: There is no dog in this. I should try to work one in.

He can act, too.

It's shocking.

And yes, your butt does have a lovely structure.

Hey! You're using an icon that describes me perfectly....

Re: There is no dog in this. I should try to work one in.

Talent and... stage magic.

(I keep telling you to watch this thing.)

Hey, you set 'em up. I just knocked them over... ;-)

I just might, the next time I do a swap.

Re: There is no dog in this. I should try to work one in.

so come visit....
I knew I could count on you.