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bear by san

March 2017



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no one minds a junkie with a well-paying job.

Ahh. I got to the murder mystery. And chapter three is put to bed.

Onwards to chapter four! In which we flash back three hundred years, to yet another end of the world. (This book has... four? Approximately? Well, I said it was periapocalyptic.)

Progress notes for 16 May 2007

All the Windwracked Stars

New Words:  1,116
Total Words: 18,164
Words for the Year: 124,996
Deadline: November 1
Reason for stopping: quota, food before gym

Today's words Word don't know:  sexlessly, antigrav, monofilament, eyeroll, flehmen, livor, belling, whuffed, gawkers, halfs, unmutated, uncirculated

Darling du Jour:

Selene wondered how many passers-by had picked their way over the delicately cupped hand that lay athwart the stair, and how many of them had taken time to rifle the body.

Mean Things: dead bodies of people you were just talking to last night

Miles to Rivendell: 250.2.


I have all kinds of love for an icon that makes a combined Star Wars and copy editing joke!
:-) Blame stillsostrange....
Edda of Burdens has antigrav and monofilaments? Now there's an unexpected surprise.
and einherjar. *g*
I'd have assumed that went without saying :p
Just curious: How much would you write a day without your quota? More or less?
My best day ever is somewhere between six and seven thousand words. My minimum requirement is three pages: that's when I am allowed to quit if I am having a bad writing day.

Usually I try to go over it, while maintaining sanity. I used to write until I fell over, fall over, get up and write some more... but obsession is bad for you in the long term.
Having had an obsession or two in my life, I have to agree--played a bit too much of EQ for a time, back probably in '01.

Its funny, as I also post/read on John Ringo's forum on the Baen bar and read his web page and his style of writing is significantly different. Though I think his record is not too much more than yours.

His posts bitching about how his muse takes hold are amusing.
You and I should, at some point, compare music collections...

What is 'flehmen?' I've only ever read that word in Zenna Henderson's People books, describing fruit you take courting. I think.
Google should pop it right up, or Wikipedia....
Always liked Google's define: .
When I begin the complete rewrite of my stalled novel (after 45K...ugh... *quietly stabs self in eye*), would you mind if I 'borrow' a couple of your headings from your Progress Notes updates? I really like "Reason for stopping" and could adapt it for my own progress reports... :)
Nope, swipe away

I swiped from Jo Walton.

p.s. I actually found THE CHAINS THAT YOU REFUSE in Waterstones on Oxford Street, London. Read 'Gone to Flowers' on the bus journey home from work, and loved it. A pleasingly touching story, without being sentimental, and it really made me think (which all good fiction should do). I've never read the Jenny Casey books, which I suppose I'll have to change now! :)
Well, yanno. *g* Nobody's gonna hold a gun to your head....
Hehe... funny, that. ;)