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bear by san

March 2017



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iggy pop amazing abdomen

I went to a Ferron concert tonight.

She honestly just gets better with age--more connected with the audience, funnier, and in better voice.

That means you get you CM meta tomorrow.

Anybody who spoils me before then will be beaten to death with a shovel. (A vague disclaimer, as some have said, is nobody's friend.)


I knew there HAD to be SOME reason -- I've been sitting here an hour hitting reload compulsively, wondering where your metapost was.

(OMG do I want to hear what you have to say about this one!)
*So* glad I'm not the only one!
Me three!!!
Quatro! It was a GOOD one tonight! I can't wait to hear what is said about the last scene. IMHO, deshpicable, but will stir up the pot nicely. :-)
Me four! Then this was posted and I had to resist the urge to spoil her and tell her all about the purple unicorns who kidnapped Gideon and Hotch and made them solve a case where in tiny pink tree frogs were ruthlessly slaughtered by lemmings. Less caffeine for me, perhaps.
me whatever number we're up to.

holy crap.
Ferron! Oh, man. Wish I had been there. Anything you want to say about the show, hey, I am all ears.

(And in an alternate timeline, there's a branch where she and I and an old sweetie of mine shot pool all night. In this timeline, though, Feldman didn't call me when he said he would, darn him.)
What a bad man.

She seems a lot happier. She's getting her back catalogue released by W*&^%*& B&*^%*&, piece by piece, and Testimony is back in print now, as is Phantom Center. Her hair has gone grey and she has it butched off, and he looks a bit like Johnny Cash that way.

And she still mugs for the audience and makes horrible faces and has that sweet, flexible voice and makes you sing along with her on all the choruses, and play rhythm on your water glass, and generally includes the audience in the whole experience.

She did... two newer songs, off "Turning Into Beautiful," and a collection of old standards, including "Snowing in Brooklyn" (I think she teared up a little during that one) and "Our Purpose Here" and "Higher Wisdom" and "The Cart" and "Misty Mountain."

And she still gets up there and makes fun of herself and how sad and miserable all her music is ("There's something about a Ferron lovesong, you know..."), and winks broadly at the audience. But these days, she doesn't sound like she means it, quite so much, which made me happy.

Oh, and she lives in Michigan now, and she's running an artist's sanctuary for women, apparently, and doing writing workshops.

And I am so glad I got to see her again, because she's just as good as she ever was.

Probably about 50% better, really.
Well, it won't be me; I put my ramblings behind an lj-cut. So if they do spoil you, you'll have to beat your own silly self over the head with a shovel. Just continuing the no-vagueness trend :)

First I have to highlight the name Ferron. Then, I had to go apple+C, apple+T then apple+V just to find out who Ferron was!

Cruel bear! Making someone do so much clicking and finger working.

All this typing has made me sleepy. Maybe Mommy will make me some cocoa.

Ahem. Glad you dug the show. I'll check her out.