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Progress notes for 18 May 2007

All the Windwracked Stars

New Words:  1,438
Total Words: 20,441
Words for the Year: 127,272
Deadline: November 1
Reason for stopping: quota, gym, dinner date

Fifth of a book! Which is more like a fourth of a book, because I'm on page 98.

That was FUN. I love writing Kasimir-POV. He is the best horsy.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
20,441 / 100,000

Today's words Word don't know:  wyrds, chittered,
Darling du Jour: 

He would go and see this man, he decided. And because Kasimir lived in hope, he would hope that it was merely a wanderer, and not someone against whom he would have to take measures.

Mean Things: loneliness, rejection, not being able to help someone in grave need because your touch would cause them third-degree burns
Tyop du Jour: n/a

Miles to Rivendell: 245.4, but I'm just about to go hit the ski machine.
Tags: edda of burdens, progress notes

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