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bear by san

March 2017



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rengeek fucking silence


Now that was a horse race.

Tied for the fastest Preakness ever, I think. And no Triple Crown this year either.


Well-run, indeed, and Curlin's a good-looking critter.

I was delighted to see all the coverage of Hard Spun's bobble at the Derby. I mean, not as delighted as I was that it apparently didn't bother him at all. But I _knew_ I saw something!
Yeah. He's a big guy, ain't he?

And yes. *g*
The dogs gave me dirty looks for yelling and then left the room. :)
I was chanting, "Come on, come on," and I had no idea which one I was cheering for.
My wife is a Kentuckian and so cares about horse racing. She's on the road right now, so I called her as the gate opened (she was passing Arlington Park) and I called the race for her over the phone. She told me I did a great job and it sounded like an exciting race. I assured her it was.
A race indeed, and I was taken with the big piebald lead horse working Street Sense in the post parade--I didn't know the phouka worked at Pimlico when you didn't need him--or was that a cousin?
I saw him too. *g*

Just about right, if he had a black face and more feather.
Must have been a relative, then--I liked the contrast of the black mane and the white neck--very fetching.
Piebalds are lovely.
I missed it just like I missed the Derby, by getting sidetracked by the internet. >___> I did see the replay though. So close to having a Triple Crown candidate.

I need to make some friends that wouldn't mind going out to Pimlico some year. Maybe if I'm actually there I'll remember to watch the race (I missed it last year because I just plain forgot about it). ^^;
Good icon. The best line in The Skinhead Hamlet, of course, is "Fuck off to a nunnery."
Thank you.

I also like this one....
I don't think there's ever going to be another Triple Crown winner for the same reason Stephen Jay Gould asserted there would never be another .400 hitter in baseball: the quality of the average player has increased. The curve has flattened.
As they say, always pick the horse that poops right before the race. On the way to the gate, on national TV, Curlin "dropped a little extra weight", so to speak...