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Book Report #40 & #41: Daniel Silva, The Confessor; R. Hazelwood & S. G. Michaud...

Book Report #40: Daniel Silva, The Confessor:

Another Gabriel Allon thriller. These are solidly written, solidly plotted, fast-moving novels that manage not to make their morally questionable heroes any better than they need to be, while maintaining their sympathy. Although the wrap-up might be a little fast and facile (there's a detective-novel wrap-up chapter at the end of this one wherein All Is Revealed), Silva somehow manages to get through these books without dividing the various spies and assassins into "good buys" and "bad guys."

Rather, it comes down to "our guys" and "their guys," which I find a little more palatable.

Book Report #41: Roy Hazelwood & Stephen G. Michaud, Dark Dreams

Yet another book on the investigation of criminal behavior patterns, with a couple of interesting case studies. Engaging and not particularly deep, but fine for the lay reader.

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