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it's not how hard you can hit; it's how hard you can get hit.

Subterranean Press, in their insistence upon treating me like a real writer or something (or possibly in a frantic attempt to clear out the inventory they've overbought from me), has created a special "Elizabeth Bear" focus issue for Summer 2007.

Currently up, the audio version of "Wax;" my column--Bears Examining--#4 (Every time somebody writes Spock/McCoy, God does not kill a puppy.); "Coat," by the mighty mighty Joe R. Lansdale, and a transcript of a great Penguicon panel on the life and work of forgotten SF master Godfrey Winton.

Eventually, in the fullness of time, these things will be followed by an excerpt from One-Eyed Jack & The Suicide King (the so-far unsold Promethean Age novel), a Promethean Age short story by me ("Black is the Color"); me interviewed by truepenny; and stories by Gene Wolfe (eee!); and Charlie Stross (eee! eee!).

And doubtless some other stuff.
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