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top ten things I learned at WisCon this year

10.) Tamara Siler Jones also has a livejournal now.
9.) "Bad touch" may be demonstrated on Christopher Barzak as needed.
8.) Wearing a corset to the Tiptree auction is a nice way to meet the Guest of Honor.
7.) Ellen Klages is quite possibly the funniest person on earth. (If you haven't heard yet about the Faery Handbag she made, trust me, you are sorry.)
6.) There can never be too much bacon.
5.) I can has fan funk.
4.) Do not want.
3.) Ben Rosenbaum can sing in German*. 
2.) Meg McCarron can sing.

It's never too late
to (be) culturally (in)appropriate.

1.50.) The young face of science fiction exists. And it has bosoms.
1.25.) The difference between a writer and a pizza is that a pizza can feed a family of four.

And the number one thing I learned at WisCon.....

1.) Getting your nose pierced really doesn't hurt very much at all, and it stops hurting much, much faster than getting your ear pierced, but snorting salt water is kind of icky.

*technically, I knew that already
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