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bear by san

March 2017



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writing gorey earbrass conscious but ver

you know your problem? you keep it all in.

Item the first: I am home and alive and so forth.

Item the second: WisCon was just as I expect it to be, which means it is still the best con.

Item the third: Bill from SubPress just pinged me to say that he expects the hardcover of New Amsterdam to sell out within the next 2-3 weeks.

Item the fourth: I have A Companion to Wolves ARCS, and lots of them. I am considering running a reader contest.... also, whoever it was that I talked to at WisCon, please remind me?

Item the fifth: I also have the editorial letter and returned marked up manuscript for Dust. Guess that's what I'm doing at Sycamore Hill.

Item the sixth: I also have a short story to write before said writing workshop. For which I leave on the 5th. Oops.

Item the seventh: And a copy of Doris Lessing's new book to review.

Item the eighth: Book Report #43: Jessica Snyder Sachs, Corpse:

Much, much better than Mary Roach's Stiff. This book focuses on the centuries-long struggle to find ways to pinpoint time of death, in broad overview.

Item the ninth: tomorrow I need to go to UPS and buy cat food. Even though the Presumptuous Cat hates me a lot.

Item the tenth: After WisCon, I may never eat again.

Item the eleventh: If my Criminal Minds pimping has interested you at all, the Emmy-submitted second-season episodes may be viewed here.

Item the twelfth: If you want me know anything for the remainder of the summer, better come tell me, for I won't find it out on my own.

Item the thirteenth: truepenny and I drew a rough map of the Iskryne (the world in A Companion to Wolves) and sooner or later I need to convert it to a pretty one....

Item the fourteenth: It's kind of hot and sticky here. Do not want.

Item the fifteenth: I destroyed two pairs of jeans at WisCon, which is some kind of personal best....


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We can but try.....
item A) I like this method.

Item 2) Consider it stolen

Item III) welcome back.

Item Quarto) When you visit, you may leave the Honorable but Presumptuous Cat.

Item The Fifth) Your Scrooba can come to visit, but may not survive.
Hee. Sure you wouldn't rather have the cat?

Gawd I hates airplanes.
Item the Fourth: who do I have to fuck, fight or frame to get in on that action?
Maybe I should do a trivia contest or something....
Didn't manage to actually say hi at Wiscon, though I did see you at the Out of Body panel, which was just plain cold. We missed you at sign out. I was on author feeding duty (and think I've already been drafted for next year), and apparently the apron of authority convinced people I might know where you (and a few others) were. Either way, Wiscon was excellent fun and I'm already looking forward to next year.
Yeah, I screwed up on my plane tickets.

Oh, that was FUN.

And yeah, I might... just... pop....

report back!
I had to stop watching Criminal Minds after the terrorist in Gitmo one. It was just too hard to take and too unrealistic for me. They mix bits of real cases in so that serves to cover up the fake stuff for a while.
I rather liked the deconstruction of 24 and similar shows in that one. But I can see why it wouldn't appeal to you.
Item the fifteenth: I destroyed two pairs of jeans at WisCon, which is some kind of personal best....

Prithee good woman, how did this happen? Did it have something to do with:

Item the tenth: After WisCon, I may never eat again.

Or something else?

(FWIW, I have drunk more than my fair share of beer this weekend and dread the drenching of alocohol my students ahall receive on the morrow).</a>

too much dancing.
Damn. Have to be in the U.S. to see the CM eps. *goes off and sulks*
One more reason to come visit?
'twas a wonderful con. Would be even more fun without the cast on the left hand.
Glad you got home OK. Our five hour drive was pretty good even though I ended up driving much of it. The warm and stickies came thru here a few hours ago - 80 degrees at 10 PM is just wrong for Minnesota.
BTW, Abigail Irene keeps getting better - now a little over halfway through.
She thanks you!
I have my copy of New Amsterdam.

I am happy.

That is all :-)

I am happy too.
I would love to see you, of course, but don't come just on account of me.

I don't get to land much at cons.....
Both of my copies* of New Amsterdam showed up on Friday. I'm reading it instead of getting a past-due work project completed. I'm enjoying the book. The work project, not so much.

*Extra copy is a birthday gifty for a friend. I'm recruiting you new readers. Heh heh.
"Ask me how you can win a free toaster oven!"
I regret the demise of your jeans, and offer you sympathy on the feline contempt and loathing issue. Right now I have four who aren't too pleased with me; three because they are on reduced rations and one because I have relocated her crabby old ass to the back room from under my bed. I'm almost afraid to sleep for fear they'll eat me while I'm unconscious.
She did make me get up at eight (I was trying to sleep in)so I could come be in the room with her while she ate breakfast.

So I guess she's back to owning me.
sorry i missed watching the jean destruction, but so glad to get to see you!!
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