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you know your problem? you keep it all in.

Item the first: I am home and alive and so forth.

Item the second: WisCon was just as I expect it to be, which means it is still the best con.

Item the third: Bill from SubPress just pinged me to say that he expects the hardcover of New Amsterdam to sell out within the next 2-3 weeks.

Item the fourth: I have A Companion to Wolves ARCS, and lots of them. I am considering running a reader contest.... also, whoever it was that I talked to at WisCon, please remind me?

Item the fifth: I also have the editorial letter and returned marked up manuscript for Dust. Guess that's what I'm doing at Sycamore Hill.

Item the sixth: I also have a short story to write before said writing workshop. For which I leave on the 5th. Oops.

Item the seventh: And a copy of Doris Lessing's new book to review.

Item the eighth: Book Report #43: Jessica Snyder Sachs, Corpse:

Much, much better than Mary Roach's Stiff. This book focuses on the centuries-long struggle to find ways to pinpoint time of death, in broad overview.

Item the ninth: tomorrow I need to go to UPS and buy cat food. Even though the Presumptuous Cat hates me a lot.

Item the tenth: After WisCon, I may never eat again.

Item the eleventh: If my Criminal Minds pimping has interested you at all, the Emmy-submitted second-season episodes may be viewed here.

Item the twelfth: If you want me know anything for the remainder of the summer, better come tell me, for I won't find it out on my own.

Item the thirteenth: truepenny and I drew a rough map of the Iskryne (the world in A Companion to Wolves) and sooner or later I need to convert it to a pretty one....

Item the fourteenth: It's kind of hot and sticky here. Do not want.

Item the fifteenth: I destroyed two pairs of jeans at WisCon, which is some kind of personal best....
Tags: 100 book reports, a policeman's work is never done, abby irene, geeks with guns, new amsterdam, quotidiana, the writer at work

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