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Let love be our religion until this life is through

So I was scrubbing out my head, and a lot of icons fell out.



Four Bad Shirt Brigade or generally wardrobe-mocking:

1.  2.  3.  4. 

Five "my fandom..." of various funniness:

5.  6.  7.  8.


#6 is one of my favorite bits of food-related business in a show that raises food-related business to an art form. I suspect they don't feed the actors out of character....

Three show-quote icons and one, um, well. I had a Princess Bride moment. It happens:

10.   11.   12.   13.

And the real bonanza. This is beatriceeagle's fault. And she helped with the research, too, as did truepenny.

Arthuriana x 19!

Mallory (Lancelot, Bors, and Galahad...):

14.  15.   16.  


17.  18.   19.   20.

21.  22.  23.   24.  

 25.  26.   27.  28.
29.  30.  31. 

#20 makes me Sad.

Chaucer (Yes, I am kind of a jerk. Wait for the Proust quote. Poor Spencer.):


And, because while Criminal Minds is not generally a kissin' show, it is, pretty much, a cryin' show...

Cryin' x 9:

33.   34.   35.   36.

37.   38.   39.   40.


The unattributed Garcia quote is W.B. yeats; the unattributed JJ one is Serena Williams.

...yeah, I told you I was a jerk with the Proust.

So, we're still waiting for Prentiss to lose it. As of this writing, everybody else (besides Elle) has. Or gotten close enough for a photo caption.

Screencaps from The Oracle of Quantico.
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