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bear by san

March 2017



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i like it when the blood drains from dave's face.

Finished the shoggoths. 2087 words today.

Now I get to fold laundry and watch Doctor Who.

And maybe eat. Silly meat puppet. So demanding.

Also, my story "Cryptic Coloration" is up at Baen's Universe. It's about Matthew Szczegielniak and three ditzy eighteen year old girls, and it takes place about a year before Blood & Iron.

Also also, buymeaclue found this thing on Youtube, which is 500 years of women's portraits run through morphing technology. Woo, the male gaze. Or something.

I still love Pavonia.


And how might one pronounce that mouthful? Hard enough spelling Szczegielniak. :-)
You pronounce it "Szczegielniak."

Your anglo-saxon entitlement is not my problem. ;-)
Actually, it's even easier than that.

The Americanized version would probably be something like "schkel-nee-ak."
bad cold!

at least I offer you vampire smut.
Heh. :-)

It's not entitlement. I'm 3/4ths Hungarian. So my eye sees "Szczeg" and my head wants to say "schig" ... but I'm someone who wanted to say "edge of pit" when I was a kid, reading the Children's Bible and saw the word Egypt.

Okay, you're excused.

and schig is close enough for government work. In Polish, and in Hungarian, most of those letters are just there for pretty.
I can pronounce Hrynczenko ("*sneeze*"), but it looks rather difficult.

Also, I want shoggoths.
Woo, the male gaze. Or something.

I was all, yeah, pretty, very nice, until I saw that it was labelled Women in Art, and not as a joke. I mean ... and !. But maybe other people have a better grasp of bitter mean irony than I give them credit for. I guess it's still pretty enough.

Yeah. *g*

It is kind of revealing about female standards of beauty, too.
I was thinking exactly that while watching. Well, that and "ooh pretty".

I noticed all the defined chins went away pretty fast... *g*
I thought it was kind of creepy too.. He(?) did picasso too... If i had the time i would morph pictures of all the different Jesuses i could find... Now that would be creeeepppyyy
One of the ones s/he used is my favorite Leighton... *g*

Thank you!

There's one more Matthew story to come from baen, in October, I think.

It's the icky one....

Let me know what you think of the book!
500 years of women's portraits

...except that the very first image they show isn't a woman. Because it's an angel.
Am I the only one that noticed that they all have the same nose?
Pavonia doesn't!

There's a big run of matching mouths, too.